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Nov. 17th, 2008 07:19 pm
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It was a long, draining day where I worked very, very hard on difficult problems. Of course, I had a few minutes this morning before the hordes descended to write up a post.

Awesome "synthetic" (bio-) fuel company - Amyris leading the way with plans to make 200 million gallons of synfuel a year at $2 per gallon by 2011. Another plus - they'll generate a lot of real living-wage factory jobs where people are employed making actual products they can afford to buy themselves. But will they be able to pull it off?

USB 3.0 is coming, and man is it going to be fast! It's said to deliver a tenfold increase in data transfer speed when going head-to-head in a USB showdown with the 2.0 tech. This is also likely to signal the death of FireWire/IEEE 1394. Which, I guess, would the the Betamax?

Waiting until Friday for the Google Mobile App so that I can do a voice-enabled search on my NEW iPHONE! Yep. Christmas is around me; I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.

Oh. And, after seeing Quantum of Solace three times this weekend… did anyone else notice the plethora of hip alternate fuel vehicles? Too bad the vehicles don't actually exist. BAD FORD! Shouldn't tease us like that, you bastards!

However, to be built by Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies and coachbuilder Fisker Automotive (designer of BMWs and Aston-Martins). This new car will use an innovative plug-in hybrid technology called Quantum Drive (come one...meant for Bond), a hybrid electric/gas power plant that can be plugged in at the owner's home garage for easy charging, and also refuel at any gas station on the road.

Building an alt-energy power plant is risky and expensive, but thanks to a new ruling by an Environmental Protection Agency panel, building a coal plant may become riskier and more expensive. So it is good that the EPA Coal Decision Levels Playing Field for Wind, Solar. And that, said the Sierra Club's chief climate counsel, David Bookbinder, is good news for new clean tech companies.

Want to see the new high resolution map of U.S. per-capita carbon dioxide emissions and read the discussion about said map? Go here.

Bad Texans! Or are those emissions floating over from Mexico?

The recession is also driving the greening of the electronics industry. Yay! Driven by saving money, stricter policies on disposal of waste - and who's held responsible for them - and the marketing to retain positive public relations. Bottom line thinking, yes, but we are forcing the industry to comply to make it good for their bottom line to do so. Economics 101 anyone?

Finally, my photog geek friends: turn your flatbed scanner into a giant camera!

Date: 2008-11-18 03:51 pm (UTC)
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The real mystery is why the high CO2 per capita emissions come largely from rural areas.

Compare the map to this photograph, and it sure looks to me like the red zones on the map fit into the dark places in the photo.

At first I thought agricultural activity, and I can equate some of the red in south Texas, the sugar fields in Florida, and the Imperial Valley in CA...but Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska would be a lot redder if it was simple as that. But also, there's even an orange spot in New Jersey that lines up with a dark spot in the photo, both align with the Wharton State Forest. There's no farming going on there, just acres of pine trees.


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