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From yesterday:

Google chases skype with new gmail video chat: CHAT!

This day is psychiatric science - World's First Frontal Leukotomy: details here

What the heck is up with TroopTube? article here

Found here: TroopTube

You have got to be kidding me. I am outraged, because the jury in the trial on the MySpace Cyber-bullying case MIGHT not be told of teen's suicide: Nice...

The influence of Corn (the industry, its subsidies, and ingredients derived from) on the fast food industry, from objective, factual data sources OR How U.S. programs are subsidizing obesity: right here

Also - obese kids have "middle-aged" arteries, displaying as much plaque buildup at 40-somethings: shocking

Most interesting Jargon: Cowpooling. Most worrisome: Dark Trading. read definitions here

I've already reported about at least one of these items: Cool tech realized from sci-fi movies (specifically Minority Report): Yep!

OMGZ! Glad I haven't bought my scooter yet… Check this out! Want!

Greenies are bad for dogs. Specifically the toothbrush looking ones, for indigestibility. Must tell Mom

ABC's news report on them: More greenie scandal That's right, they can lodge in the intestines.

Supreme court is siding with the U.S. Navy in dispute over sonar use as it concerns whale safety. WTF?!

Mortgage Rescue Plans Aren't Enough. Who woulda thunk it?

Baby born after ovary transplant:
Does this mean that someday, men will be able to have babies?

It's not just about being pretty, OR Why oddly sized and misshapen fruits and veggies shouldn't be ostracized from the market: Ugly is in

Makes me sick: Acid Victims "Stay in your place and stop questioning our authority!" Is what it is saying to me. That and "you don't deserve to be educated." Grrrrr!

Huzzah! Uruguay to decriminalize abortion: one step at a time

Google is helping to track the spread of the flu - and I wonder what other epidemiological tracking this will be utilized for: Article here

Here, it is reported by CNN: FLU! We may have a two week lead on where the flu is traveling.

And this study chronicles drug-resistant TB in the U.S. - scary stuff

Will Obama be a realist as well as an idealist? discussion here

Dean Kamen, the guy for whose company I almost interned at, is helping release the Deka Revolt - a hybrid electric (plug-in) car where the other half of the hybrid equation is a STIRLING ENGINE! Rock on! drive on!

Here's the wikipedia entry on stirling engines: Yep. No comment on the cut away diagram of the rhombic drive beta configuration design… *raised eyebrow*

Oh. My. This is not good publicity for the KKK: Nice. Now your killing your own too?

I hope this means they're going to put things in plain language: Pro-homeowner stuff

Oh my happy geeky heart!!!!

Date: 2008-11-17 09:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Having been a chemical enginerd in a previous life (before the tech writer life I currently inhabit), I was thrilled to see the Deka Revolt -- and read about the Stirling Engine!

(In an aside, I opted out of mech eng, since I wasn't so good with engines, although I could run thermodynamics equations on my programmable calculator like no one's business ...)

And you almost worked for them? Does that get you a partial employee discount?

Re: Oh my happy geeky heart!!!!

Date: 2008-11-18 12:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I almost went for the engineering... but I liked the numbers on their own better than what I could "do" with them.

The Deka Revolt is cool because it's something that's actually going to be manufactured and sold to the public as opposed to just put out as concept cars which will never be sold in the showroom.


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