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Oct. 16th, 2008 05:52 pm
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As a follow up to a post made by [ profile] interactiveleaf concerning the lies and hatemongering being spread by Reichwing Republicans about Senator Obama:

GOP Site Endorses E-mail Smears, Said 'Waterboard Obama'

By Sarah Lai Stirland - October 15, 2008 | 7:39:16 PM - WIRED Threat Level

The website of a local California Republican party has posted a message openly calling for the torture of Barack Obama, while reporting as fact a slew of long-ago debunked smears targeting the Democratic presidential candidate.

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The worst comment, posted by "Independent Voter" was This is funny. You leftist idiots cannot take a joke. You can dish it out but you can't take it. LOL. Yeah. It's a joke… Riiiiight. Try to pull the other one.

Further down you get a reply by "acerbic"

Ok. Is this a smear? Obama claims to be a Christian and yet he believes that human beings evolved from apes via natural selection and random mutation? Do real Christians realize that he believes in this crap or does he have one answer when he's around Christians and another when he's around atheists? He sounds like a con artist to me.

Of course, this is common atheist/evolutionist brain-dead crap since anybody who has played around with random GAs know that, as soon as the search space reaches a certain very low threshold, you get an exponential explosion of possibilities that makes any subsequent search intractable. Heck, you can't even get to the cellular level. Not even close.

This is the sort of crap that caused Paul Feyrabend to write that "the most stupid procedures and the most laughable results in their domain are surrounded with an aura of excellence. It is time to cut them down in size, and to give them a more modest position in society."

You atheist/leftist nerds act like your shit don't stink but yours is the stinkiest shit around. You are stupid as shit. LOL.

Yeah, that's right, Christians aren't allowed to believe in evolution. Don't some of them believe that God doesn't consider time in the same way humans do? One of Zir's days could be a millennia or trillennia? I'm not sure where "acerbic" is getting the rest of their statement from… Anyone?

Wait… "rthomas" has a really good comeback to that part: Evolution vs. Natural Selection vs. Creationism, all are true. Keep in mind we have concrete evidence on how old the earth is, its previous occupants, when those occupants lived, even how the solar system, galaxy and our universe formed.

Now assuming the Catholic church and the Eastern Orthodox Church and all the sects that spit from them, copied the Jewish Torah, exactly, word for word, which I highly doubt.

1) How many days passed during the days of creation, and no the answer is not seven. Why? It is generally accepted that a day for us on this planet last 24 hours, and no where does it say how long a day was. In fact, in the early part of the story there was no separation.

2) Show us where it describes the creatures; go on, I mean I know fish are described and to some extend fauna and insects.

3) Now, it says in there that we are created in the image of G-d. Who are we mere mortals to assume what G-d looks like? Honestly, it crosses the line to assume that we have always look like this just because we are created in the image of the All Mighty. Moreover, can that statement mean instead that it is our soul, the soul of every living creature on this Earth, that is created in the image of G-d.

4) Last of all, if we are meant to take the word of G-d, be it from the Bible, the Torah, the Qur'an, etc... We would not have been created with the ability to think for ourselves and question the word of G-d. We would most likely not have the ability to think for ourselves and question the word of G-d, and instead maybe the dolphins or roaches would be more worthy of the gift of logic. Thus, I believe, no matter what the issue, it is a sin to accept the word of G-d without second thought on the subject.

There is a LOT of heavy flaming going on in the comments. Extreme insults to Hawking that don't bear repeating… insults galore being issued by the pseudo-Christian lot toward everyone else. Nothing concrete or any supportive evidence to their statements. The point of the article, that this stuff was posted onto an OFFICIAL Republican website seems to have been missed by all of the trolls.

Huzzah for Margaret Sanger!

Personal Transport Pods for Mass Transit: It is time we design cities for the human, not for the automobile.

New show on the Discovery Channel looks interesting: Prototype This The show, which debuts Wednesday night, features four San Francisco Bay Area geeks who demonstrate their brainpower each week by undertaking a bizarre "build" to address some sort of problem.

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For my zombie loving friends out there, here are a list of songs that focus on those shambling revenants. There's an embedded player toward the bottom of the page where, after the intro song and chat, you can listen to the songs. *Looks at [ profile] ginmar* Enjoy! FYI: First track is a bonus for Harry Potter fans. Anyone who listens, let me know what you thought. I'm liking the first song, kinda like the second, would have to be in the right frame of mind for the last one… it is from the Young Zombies in Love Musical however. Of course, this is from GeekDad, who would be looking for semi-kid-friendly tracks.
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Video Here

Great video of a girl playing Carry on My Wayward Son on some sort of electronic keyboard machine. You've got pedals for one foot, another keyboard for the other foot, and two keyboards for the hands. There is a drum machine that you can program (guessing here) too. Now that's a virtuoso performance!
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again, I would like to thank [ profile] helmetfreshener for letting me know about the Cake tickets... OH MAN IT WAS AWESOME! joyous joy!

the opening act, Erin McKeown was great, she rocked! yes, I bought the CD's - I couldn't take the chance of getting home and either forgetting (not likely) or that her stuff wasn't on iTunes (possible). Yep, found some really good new tunes to listen to.

as for the cake-goodness, well, they are one awesome band - their live performances are just as good... no, better than their recorded goodness. they have a wonderful way of working the crowd into a tizzy, singing along, and just going wild.

oh, and I must tell you about the Dancing Belt Boy. I first noticed him walking around before the concert started because he had on one of those long fabric belts that had a thick faded strip pattern... and you know how you can tie the belt off so that the excees hangs down straight? well, Dancing Belt Boy thought it would be cool to let that extra foot of fabric hang down the front of his pants right between his legs. Thats right, he's walking around with this thing dangling and swinging around. and every time he would pass by I would bust out laughing. yep. that was great. but wait! it gets better! Have you ever seen one of those people who - CANNOT DANCE at all? the kind of person whose whole body shakes, shivers, cavorts, and twitches as if each individual limb and joint is controlled by a different person? no apparent rhythm at all to any of these movements... Yes, you guessed it. Dancing Belt Boy spent the entire concert in the aisle over by the stairs just to the right of us so I got to laugh over his antics ALL NIGHT LONG. Mwahahahahahaha!

now for the weekend! I'll be meeting up with [ profile] pjammer and [ profile] midnightquill in NYC - thanks in advance to [ profile] surelle for kitty sitting (and bird/fish sitting - yeah a menagerie). myah!

but first, sleep, perchance to dream, about more CAKE and Dancing Belt Boy antics! yay!
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Hey everyone. This is just a heads up - I won't be on LJ for a while, so all those witty responses to your posts that you look forward to will have to wait. I just started my summer classes and I'm getting slammed with homework. They are stuffing a semester's worth of classes into six weeks. As some of you may know, one of the classes is that Mathematics for Economics course that I was attempting to self-study this summer (that didn't work out too well) and then I discovered that I could find a way to attend the summer session of the course. YAY!

I want to apologize for ruining someone's vacation - you know who you are - I didn't mean for these classes to upset the apple cart. Keep that ever-approaching GRADUATION date in mind. Next vaca will be better, much better.

Now, on to the picture show... Went to Putnam/Pomfret this past Sunday. Just tooling around the Quiet Corner of CT while waiting for the right time to drop into The Vanilla Bean in Pomfret. TVB was having a really good live music set that night, someone I'd never heard of Garnet Rogers and the plan was to get there early enough to have dinner so that we'd get our seats locked in for when the music started. WOW they have good food! I had a mozzarella-basil ravioli in a tomato cream sauce with a couple of wedges of grilled asiago bread. And I had a cup of ginger-lemonade with it. Unknown to me, there ended up being an opening act. Her name is Natalia Zukerman and I highly reccomend that you all go out and get her music now. Seriously, at the break I went and bought the two CD's she's made, she's going to hit the big time soon. She's still in that stage that signing her autograph on one of the CD's made her blush a bit and break out into a big smile. Needless to say, they ended up on my iPod the next day.

Backtrack... the picture show. While wandering about before the show, we found this little town with what seemed like a half-dozen antique shops. It being Sunday, only a couple of them were open. Has anyone seen [ profile] crabbyolbastard's pictures of the painted whale statue in Mystic? There are supposed to be a bunch of them, painted with different images, all over the town. The town that we were in had a bunch of cows set up everywhere, in front of the businesses that had sponsored them. I took pictures of my favorites. They weren't as fantastic as that whale, but they were nice enough in and of themselves.

here's the peektures, no that wasn't a mispelling... Heh. )


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