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NYClean – put it in the toolbar to eliminate the pesky wall


Farmland prices:

Farming Techniques:

Really, it’s all about the ability to combine multiple crops (integrated agriculture and aquaculture, what was it called again?) and whatnot to not only feed the land/water, but to squeeze the most productivity with the least amount of industrialized inputs.



More Snark:

Is it creepy to anyone else how closely condemnation of this personal decision ranges to other personal, bodily decisions, such as abortion? If you don't care to do it, who cares? But why do I have to hear about it?

Hanta virus in the Adirondacks of NY State (around Mount Mercy, how’s that for irony?):

Have you become a carrier? Living near to Livestock will increase the probability:
If you are a carrier – does that mean that you won’t be infected in the bad way? Doesn’t this, technically, qualify as a self-mediated vaccination?

Don’t hate the chickens:

OMGZ! Salmon that eat ducklings, mice and muskrats!!

Global Fisheries Meetup & TURF reserves:

And THIS is why I like to go for long, slow walks in the forest: It reminds me of a scene from Diane Duane’s “So You Want to Be a Wizard?” book, where the trees tell Nita that they spend long periods of time creating the perfect mosaics of leaves on the forest floors surrounding them. Haskell’s calling them “forest mandalas” because he includes everything around him and things that impact all of our senses. Very cool. His blog:

Yeah. Evernote has it right. When a company makes things more convenient for their workers – by providing laundry facilities on site, or using a house cleaning service twice a month for its employees, etc… These things make life simpler and less stressful for the worker, and enables them to concentrate MORE on work, when they are at work.

Note to Self: Must find out if the Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane will appear on HULU. It has a few people in it that I have loved in other stuff in the past…

One last article:

Just amazing. Wish they implemented this everywhere; wish they’d had something more like this when I was coming through school at that age. With vocational/personality testing by guidance counselors so that a student growing up can have their interests and abilities tracked through elementary and junior high so that they are placed on the right track for them to be both productive and happy in life.

Mmmnn. Can you see that, for a little while today, I didn't get much work done?
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