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Antidythera rebuilt by a British museum curator! I think CoB and I watched the history channel about this thing at some point not too long ago. And, in actuality, the article reports lower down that the rebuilder, Michael Wright, is a former curator at the Science Museum in London. Maybe he got a little obsessed with recreating the gadget?

Meanwhile… why do I think they should've covered the "solar hybrid" prototype in photovoltaics instead of just the roof? The "PV Prius" (and "PV Highlander") would only get a solar-power range of *gasp* 5-8 miles. Waste. Of. Effort. It is a kit, put out by Solar Electric Vehicles for $3,500, and the company openly admits that "the kit will probably appeal only to hard-core greenies." Expected cut in CO2 emissions - over the LIFETIME of the vehicle is around 9,000 lbs.

An insightful melange of comments posted for the article state:

"How far do you have to drive for the increases in fuel efficiency to offset the CO2 released during the production of the solar panels, or the Prius itself for that matter? Buying the newest, greenest car only helps the environment if you own, maintain and operate that vehicle long enough to offset the pollutants produced in manufacturing it, or more accurately, produced in manufacturing its replacement. Buying green cars is about status all right, personal status. For those that actually care about the planet, hang on to what you've got and just ease off the throttle."

"How efficient is this compared to just putting in a bigger battery in your Prius and putting the solar cells on the roof of your house where they will do some good even when your not driving? How much would either option cut fuel efficiency (with extra weight) if you have to drive further? It might be better to put the solar cells on top of a parking garage, which may get sun all day, than a car, which might be in the parking garage."

"This seems to be a waste of a solar panel...that will too often find itself sub-optimally oriented (in a garage, on a tree-lined street, in the shadow of an 18 wheeler). If you are going to pay $3500 for a solar panel put it someplace that will maximize its energy output."

"The polution from creating the nickle-hydride battery used in the Prius is mammoth. The nickel mines in Canada have a huge 'dead-zone' around them that can be seen from space. The energy used for creation and the transportation (around the world) for these batteries is also huge, and should be factored into the true "green value" of these overpriced polluters. Ask Toyota to talk about THAT when they talk about how "green" the Prius is. It really isn't. Pray that nickel and other similarly dangerous elements and major pollutants are not widely used in future hybrids and full-electric vehicles."


Bush Shoe-Toss Immortalized in Games and Animations - including a Matrix like animation where Bushneo bends over backwards to avoid the oncoming shoes. There's purportedly a WoW version, LOLcats and lots of other animated GIFs below the article on Wired. I am particularly fond of the Three Stooges clip.

Sock and Awe lets you toss shoes at the Prez. Sure to be popular with millions.

Meanwhile, al-Zeidi, a journalist based in Cairo, Egypt, is well on his way to becoming the international hero of Bush haters. A Facebook group dedicated to al-Zaidi — who capped his shoe-toss with the soon-to-be-immortal words, "This is your farewell kiss, you dog!" — already shows hundreds of fans.

However, that self-same Iraqi journalist is facing up to seven years in prison for his actions.

Durgham al-Zaidi (the man's brother) said Muntazer had been taken to Ibn Sina hospital in the heavily fortified Green Zone after being badly beaten by security guards and suffering a broken arm and ribs, as well as injuries to an eye and a leg. It is unknown at this time (and, really it doesn't matter because police abuse is police abuse) whether the injuries were sustained while being overpowered during Sunday's protest or after his arrest (when it is reported that he was interrogated by Iraqi officials).

More here.

In other news:

"I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system," Bush told CNN television, saying he had made the decision "to make sure the economy doesn't collapse."


Oh, and Mr. Bush better not grant this pardon request.

Is anyone out there surprised with the news that the CIA is full of MASSIVE FAIL? This is beyond blue screen proportions people.

Bad Reuters… The following pun would have been better if they had just said "to pay" properly and let us snicker at the implied word play rather than bludgeon us like we are idiots who would not get the pun without the flashing red arrow pointing at the wig-snatching offending word.

And, yet another reason I'm glad I never made the move to Facebook - which dropped $13MM… And what is this "informal market" where public investors can buy stock from employees? Wake up SEC, why are you allowing this workaround to the "free-market" system?

In closing:

Scientists say they now have unambiguous evidence that the warming in the Arctic is accelerating.

That's right….

That's pretty unambiguous, isn't it?

See also this article for further global warming insanity.

It wasn't a pyramid scheme, Mr. Gallacher, it was a ponzi scheme. Do your research people.

Oh! Ancient City Unearthed in Peru… which shows evidence of human sacrifice. Yipes! Maybe when Antarctica is finally unearthed from the melthing ice we will find a bunch of ancient cities there too. Because, you know, it is pretty much the same as if we were down there actively digging down through the ice to get to the ground. That, and we will end up having to live in what is now polar regions, as far away from the super-hot equator as possible, in order to survive in the future.


Now... I am being tortured with Jerry Seinfeld episodes. But there is a bright light on the horizon - there's a NEW holiday Muppet movie on NBC tonight that I'm looking forward to. Yay!


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