May. 15th, 2012

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Read about this yesterday via Twitter. Spot on about Dell’s idiocy quotient. Nice example of exclusionary… and psychotic, corporate behavior.

Money only brings happiness (i.e. life satisfaction) up to the point when all basic needs are met and you have just enough excess to enjoy some vacations, etc. Definitely a sharp case of diminishing returns after that point. This and the article above truly are addendums to the capitalistic/corporate psychopathy that I touched on yesterday.

*BOGGLES* What are these Republicans thinking? There is going to be a LOT of angry grain farmers and altfuel corporations up in arms if the House Armed Services Committee gets away with banning the DOD from making or buying alternative fuels. Not that I wouldn’t mind a decrease in grain commodity volatility that’s been occurring ever since those grains’ pricing has started to be linked to petroleum oil and other fuel sources. However, the case about products that are more expensive the closer to the R&D side of things they are and that the prices have a downward trend over time the longer they are available to be purchased and the more readily they are available to the general public. And to (pun) top things off… don’t they realize that once they STOP using altfuels, the price of petroleum based fuels is going to go up b/c demand will be up – and we all know about the status of the supply and control thereof. Sheesh.

As far as the invisible hand of capitalism aka “the market” being allowed to guide our use and support of alternative fuels… Do we really want a mindless psychopath in charge of that kind of thing?

In other news… I am sooo glad I don’t have a vehicle with OnStar right now. Really, really glad. Use of in-vehicle cameras? Really?! Um. Invasion of privacy aside (because we all know no one reads the fine print in user contracts) this is scary stuff. And just because implementation of this isn’t going to happen this year, or even the next… That the patent exists at all indicates that someone has the bright idea of eventually, inevitably implementing it.

Let’s go one step further: I personally know people that work at advert type companies that have databases full of handy information that could be coupled with this patented product idea to create targeted ads that could (gasp) be flashed on those handy nav screens whenever you come to a complete stop. At every stop sign, light and every scenario of stop and go traffic of any kind you could be bombarded with targeted ads. A lot of us have already been preprogrammed to put up with this type of behavior on the internet. Why not real life?

Where’s my opt out clause? I want to preemptively file one somehow, somewhere (like registering on the Do Not Call list) so I don’t have to deal with this asshattery when it finally gets to rollout phase.

And the DH wonders why I questioned his decision to save a few dollars up front in order to buy the cheaper advert version of the Kindle?


OMG! It’s a real life Buzz Lightyear! People are comparing him to Evil Kineval but really, he’s Buzz Lightyear. I seriously would like to see him appear on SNL and say “To Infinity, and Beyond!” That. Would. Be. Fantastic. And: I want my own kerosene jetpack powered rigid deployable carbon-Kevlar wing… Do you think, if I started a Kickstarter in order to buy one of these things, people would help me make that dream come true? Nah. I didn’t think so either.

Elsewhere? Insanity:

Anyone who insults the sanctity of Islam, any one of the great prophets, the Imams, and Sadigheh Tahereh (the prophet’s daughter) should be executed – according to Iran’s Penal Code, Article 513. Death to artists!

People in Mississippi are getting pulled over by an individual posing as a police officer and getting shot. Death to motorists!

People are being encouraged to dial 911 if they are pulled over and other actions to take in order to avoid being killed by the random wacko.

Not really insanity on behalf of the EU Naval Force, but rather on the targets of their attacks. I don’t take this personally as a pirate as I am more in line with the Pirate Party than with the slaughtering and looting kind of pirates… Death to pirates!

Okay. A guy in the FBI, working in the counterterrorism arena… missing. What if it isn’t a case of suicidal tendencies and more a matter of being kidnapped and squeezed for information? Anything is possible, and I am rife with speculation about this for some reason. Some of the details of the search set off some red flags in my subconscious and proceeded to bubble up into my conscious brain.


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