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Most of you are going to read the subject line and wonder what could be so interesting about cat litter as to warrant the use of an entire post. Well. Read on and you shall discover exactly that point.

Now, I'm not one to run around tooting the horn of some corporation or its products. I'll occasionally leave a review on Amazon, under a specific alias to do so, if the product warrants an up/down statement. However, I will rarely rave about something based on the quality of a product in other forums. (That's not to say I won't rant about poor service or crappy products, but it's usually left to one-liners on Twitter.)

With that as a prelude, you must be wondering what in the multiverse could've happened to cat litter in order to have precipitated THIS.

For those of you that have indoor cats and use clay based litter, you'll know how damned heavy it is to lug to wherever you keep the pan as well as how heavy the scoopings can be from cleaning it (never mind doing a complete refresh of the litter in the pan).

Here's my situation: I have my litter station in the basement. I have only two cats, but I don't like teeny tiny bathroom stalls and figured they don't either, so they have the luxury of two side-by-side pans that each measure approximately 2ft wide x 3ft deep x 1ft high. Up until recently I'd been using Tidy Cat Small Spaces (b/c I had found it to be the fastest at clumping & odor control).

I had tried out multiple brands & types of product offerings prior to this and have been responsible for the caring of cats for nearly four decades. I've lugged sand from river bank, used that wide variety of litters, and have ALWAYS hated, to one degree or another, the scooping/cleaning of the pan.

Last weekend, however, I decided to take a chance on a new product I'd seen lurking on the shelves. It had taken a while for me to be willing to make the switch b/c it absolutely REQUIRES that you do a complete changeover from your current litter to this new litter. With pans as big as mine, you tend to keep a bit of litter on hand to replace volume as you remove clumped "offerings," and I knew it would be a grievous, back-breaking chore to remove ALL the litter from the pans, lug it up the stairs, then down the stairs & driveway to the garbage bin. No convenient door to open air from the basement for me. No!

It WAS back-breaking. That stuff is HEAVY! My DH was not happy with having to lug those bags as aforementioned. But the Herculean task was complete. Thanks for the help sweety!

Okay. Time for the reveal. I switched to Tidy Cat LightWeight, represented by a blue feather on the box.


I was easily able to get multiple boxes of it from my preferred pet store, easily lift it into the cart, from the cart into my car's trunk, from the trunk up & down a flight of stairs to land next to the cat pans. Was able to lift and easily pour said boxes into the pans, filling each halfway in its full depth, per usual. This stuff is LIGHT WEIGHT, no joke. But my amazement wasn't to end there.

The next time I went to scoop the pan, I noticed that the offerings were also very light. It also presented the tightest clumping I have witnessed in that nearly for decades I mentioned earlier. To wit:

Clumps left a the wall of the pan pulled smoothly up & away. Instead of leftover bits crumbling & "contaminating" the remaining clean litter, you just scrape bottom & side & it remains clumped and is completely removed from the pan.

If your cat loves a particular spot in the middle and uses that spot multiple times, the spillover immediately clumps up, and the entire conjoined clump will lift out wholly. Even if it breaks off mid-lift, you'll be able to get ALL of the used litter out as the clumps do not crumble.

There's no smell to the clumps, or to the other, litter-covered offerings. None. Okay, I didn't shove my nose up to a clump & inhale but you know what I mean. There was no discernible smell radiating from the offerings as they were removed from the pan & bagged for disposal.

Last item: the bag of waste, which had previously been stinky and heavy, are now neither.

The direct result of this changeover has been to make what I'd once considered an onerous chore, one that was necessary in order to enjoy the presence of cats in my home, into a chore that is easily accomplished and no longer considered the dreaded bane of this cat caretaker.

Notes: Always wear a light mask when scooping, regardless of litter type, especially if you have any respiratory ailments like asthma. This litter like many of its shelf-mates will create small puffs of dust when agitated.

I use the leftover plastic shopping bags to dispose of my litter, I try to make sure they are the nice, biodegradable ones that are made from corn/soy. I do not yet know if this litter breaks down and it's potential affects to being dumped in a landfill. Will find that out when I can, but may not remember to update the post. If you know, please tell me.


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I'm pretty likely to get lost in the noise and I don't mind that much b/c I tend to like to keep a low profile anyway.

There are days when I fully embrace my introverted self, days when I want to crawl into a quiet shell with a cushioned floor and a nice book.

I learned young that books are fun, safe companions, and that going outside posed a danger to limb and life. (Funny how people always say life first. But if you lose that, what use are intact limbs?) I'm not sure if this reinforced my introvert tendencies or instilled something that mimics them.

I've heard tales of myself as a youngling that resemble the attitude of an extrovert, a leader of my peer group. I still will take the lead in small groups when no one else steps up, because someone has to. I saw this in study groups, tutoring, and in group assignments in my "returning adult" schooling, and during certain training exercises when I was in the military.

The sense that I lost something in the circumstances in which I grew upon results in periods of melancholy for the person I might have been, otherwise. Belief in an infinite multiverse wherein I could be that person, whoever she is, and the fact that I am in a loving relationship with my beloved, are the things that help me get through these periods. That and the assorted, far-flung people that I've connected with via the internet or in meat space, and my writing.

Thanks for listening.

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This is what I was inspired to write, when I wad looking out a window, while still abed in the crisp predawn under the toasty warm covers.

And The Lion Shall Lay Down With The Lamb

Early morning light
through the trees
Shows me a pattern of light and leave darkness
It resembles a lamb lying with a lion
The lamb on the left
The lion to the right
Laying flush against each other
Back to back
One eye each facing me
The lamb has its forelegs
Folded yet upthrust
Into the adjacent air
The lion in similar pose
But with velveted paws
I can hear the lion's voice
A low growl tumbling softly
I can feel a sense of peaceful contentment from both; happiness
At the edge of conscious thought
One has fire in its eye - the lamb
The other has fire in its mouth - the lion
What a strange thing with which to wake

(c) KT

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1943 to 1984... Time Vortex. Paradox.
So the movie gets to the love scene - CoB and I look at each other and have the following conversation:
John Connor!
No. Future Child of the Past.
The perfect sequel!
He/she (the child that HAD to have been conceived) can travel through time and space at will...
You mean she'll (the female character from the "future/present") give birth to a timey-wimey time head like on Doctor Who?


Jan. 12th, 2011 09:11 am
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Just finished shoveling a walking tunnel to the dog's pen so we can bring him out and back when he needs to go out. Damn. Already have about 18" accumulated and it's going to be heavy snowfall until 10am... Methinks we will be one of the places with the now predicted 30"!!

Stay safe people.

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Since my last post... It got even MORE busy at work! I've been clocking 10-11 hr days with round trip commuting time of 1-2 hrs.


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I'm sitting here... Trying not to shudder... As I am subjected to a school student concert. I love my nephew but my ears - they're bleeding!

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everyone: please stop calling it "taken advantage of" or saying the girls were "asking for it" because it would've been _rape_ and no one asks for that to happen to them.

In other news: kitty is deteriorating. Picked up & started administering pain meds last night... They don't really seem to be having any effect. Being blind is taking its toll. Worried. Crying. Facing the inevitable decision.

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Rather, I'm going to get credit & a title - 'Branch Technology Contact/Coordinator' for our department. Every time someone has a problem with their tech, they come to me anyway. Now I'll be the 'authorized' tech contact. Taking on the responsibility will be good for my next review...

Yay me?

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Donation of my 1997 Civic is happening tomorrow. Yay! Hope someone who appreciates it gets it; it gave me a lot of good years.

Got a lot of other errands done, including the final set up of the above. Got my updated eye scrip, went to Lenscrafters and ordered the most sublime glasses... Yeah. When they arrive, I'll try & post a photo.

Then I came home and cooked dinner as I'd planned it yesterday. Yummy broccoli & cheese stuffed chicken with more veggies on the side. Good carbs & protien, together & tasty.

While I was at the Lenscrafters I got talking with my salesperson. She's been running a successful landscaping business for the past 37 years with her husband. They're in the upkeep grounds work side of the business now... She gave me a name to drop at this place I've been looking at going to & from work. They'll do the design work for free! Very well known & reputable people. Sweet!

Oh. We set the date... You know what I'm talking about. Honeymoon will be delayed (on purpose). Anyone been to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival? Yeah.


Jan. 6th, 2010 09:18 pm
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So what are your opinions on the Meetup? I had done a few back during my last year of school but haven't participated in any since. They still seem like they might be a nice, public way to meet new, local friends.

Please. Chime in.

New Car!

Dec. 30th, 2009 09:37 am
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Thank you for all the good luck wishes. Got myself a 2009 Hundai Elantra with 10,640 miles put on it in four (six?) months. Rides like I'm floating on a cloud.

Will post details of the five hour event later this evening.

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Situation: Ready to go to work, you go down to the garage to drive there... Car doesn't start. Shite! Use CoB's car to go to work. Get (free!) tow to mechanic. Three hours or so later and here's the decision presented to you:

1. $5500 for a new engine, with labor included, call it an even $7K; no financing, 140K mileage on the original car.

2. Get a new (for me) vehicle; this means playing "where's the financing" and possibly painful negotiation process. End up with a monthly payment with no trade in, etc.

Screwed either way. At least I can store the non-working car at the mechanics for free for a couple of weeks.

Car hunting tomorrow. Wish me luck with the finding and financing of the next piratical transport device.

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Or Yule, or Festivus... Whatever flavor your holiday, let it be merry.

For the first time(since we now have the big house) we here on Hushaby Mountain are hosting the hordes of family (7 total, this year, since my side if the family can't make it). I call it a horde because one of the seven is a whirlwind destructor of a three year old.

They'll be arriving by eight, only a little over an hour to go before the silent beauty of this morning is broken. Fortunately, they should be away by ten, since the mother of the children (the other is a very nice 13yo) wants them by 10/10:30/11.

There will be breakfast had by all; my MIL sent us home last night with bags of groceries. When I first heard about this, I thought it would be a simple breakfast of coffee cake, muffins, bagels, tea & coffee... Nope. I predict that there will be more time taken to make and consume breakfast than they have to sit about relaxing. Never mind the time it should take to wade through and both unwrap and appreciate each present in what is arranged in a record breaking assortment under the tree.

All I can hope is that the house is not destroyed by the destructor and that everyone has a good time.

Now though, I've got to find that recipe for making bacon in the oven!

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Wish my supervisor wasn't all "don't care about road conditions or for your driving safety, next time leave 2 hours early rather than coming in after it stops snowing & the accidents are cleared off the highway."

It really is his only truly irritating fault.

Was in an hour earlier than my latest ETA and put in 6.5 very productive hours... And I still have another 10 hours of personal time left through the end of the year.

Ah well.

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Seems like every once in a while I get in this "well done" groove at work. This past week has been that way. It felt like every day I was getting important things done and that the people around me were appreciative of my work and abilities.

There was an air of accomlishmemt & satisfaction yesterday - a nice finish for the week - when one of the loan officers comes to me and tells me that the CFO of a client company we're working on a package with liked the operational relationship chart I'd done (in Visio) so much that he not only said so to the LO, he went so far as to ask permission to use it for the company publications.

Good times.

Hope you are all doing well. I am hoping that my work/life balance is going to settle enough to rejoin my online activities.

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Saw a trailer for a new werewolf movie today "The Werewolf" on the apple trailer site...

Made me think of you, [ profile] ginmar.

I have been keeping quite busy at work, occasionally twittering, and watching episode after episode of Bones. With the hotness of David Boreanas and all the cool science, how did I ever miss this when it originally started running?

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Long time no post. Life has been BUSY!

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You're like the cat which has landed on its feet in front of a bowl of cream, and had a trout leap out of the water to land beside it.


Dec. 15th, 2008 03:32 pm
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If I had the power to make citizens arrests for aggressive/stupid driving there is a robin's egg colored work van and two trucks (one black, one blue, both Fords) that I would've pulled over on my drive home. Especially the midnight blue Ford F150 CT license plate 503 CCL, being driven by a white male , late 50s with messy mid-length white hair.


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