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Some of the following was a comment to a recent post by Ginmar. Between my recursive and fascinating internal dialogue about my experience watching Looper today to catching up on Glee... A toggle was switched on in my brain and I got to thinking about the state of things. I saw this article interviewing Michael Dorn (famously known as Worf on Start Trek Next Generation) and his thoughts about needing a new Trak on TV. He was saying something along the lines of all the stuff we are seeing in the media about science fiction these days is dark, distopian, without hope for a better future. Without some type of bright story to inspire us, as ST OST and ST TNG and all the other iterations did, we'll possibly start believing too much in the darker possibilities.

A recent episode of Glee I was watching last night (catching up on the new season, yes I guess I am a bit of a Gleek) began a new story arc for the show. I love that there's been a return to a show similar to what Fame was for me earlier in life. Some things are good when they come around again.

Back to the episode: there's this ultra-bitch new cheerleader type character called Kitty (I think). She's got this thing for getting her little popular crowd to mercilessly make fun of everyone she takes a dislike to - and she starts this new after school club called Left Behind. Do I have to go into details about the whole "left behind after the rapture" mania about the end times and the series of books (describing what happens to the people that are left behind, very distopian and full of righteous fear mongering) that the fundies are probably using to bankroll a lot of the shit they're doing? I hope we are all on the same page at this point - use the Google if you need to.

So this club of hers. They decide to meet at the local diner, with a bunch of people that they dragged in as potential members and/or targets. This poor asian-american "nerd" girl with giant glasses ended up being that night's target... Poor girl gets tricked into leaving the room and all of a sudden Kitty's like "everybody out!" They left bits of clothing similar to what they were wearing in each of their places and watch from the windows outside as the girl comes out and has a mental breakdown b/c she thought she had gotten left behind. Fear! Be afraid! Do what we tell you and conform to how we think you should think/feel/act. That was so telling to me about the way Mittens and all his right wing fundie folk operate. That and the way they railroad people into becoming followers by shaming them, after having gotten them to do something that they can turn around and say "you can't walk away now, look at what you've already done, we are your only path to salvation" and further bullshite. The techniques of mind washing and such where they talk at someone for so long that they get their head turned around and they can't even see that the sky is blue. That a wall is just a wall and a window is just made of glass.

Why can't they get it through their heads that "free will" means you need to let me make my own decisions, my own mistakes, to be autonomous in my thinking and in my actions? The sky is blue. I am a person. My friends are people too.
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Watching the season opening episode for Bones just now - found it happily waiting on my Hulu home page of most popular currently watched shows.

1. Bones has started up again. Huzzah!

2. Who the HECK said that it would be a good thing to modify/change the opening theme song? Really? What were they thinking? There's no reason for them to have changed it.

One of the things that I've noticed about the most popular, longest lived shows: they kept the SAME opening theme song throughout their entire run. It is a sensory key that links all of the episodes and story lines into a person's mind in a happy memory palace. When something so vital as an opening theme, or the day and time the show airs (if that is one of the sensory data crucial to that particular viewer and they don't use a DVR or streaming service) is changed, it breaks those sensory links and creates a sensory dissonance within the individual.

Okay. Maybe I'm just talking about me here.


In other news: One of the commercials that keeps coming around in the ultra-short marketing spiels is that new Toyota Prius "family" commercial. My problem is about the disconnect between the happy-happy world of the commercials and the abrupt and condescending manner of all the dealership drones I came into contact with in my ENTIRE STATE. They're all "we have the only car that can do what our car does so you have to pay whatever we tell you to pay in order to take one of our very wanted vehicles home with you" and it made me so sick and disgusted that I disconnected entirely with the marketing pattern and focus. The consumer should not be assumed to be ignorant of the difference between the amount you demand, MSRP, Dealer Cost, etc. I totally walked away from "The Brand" and it felt good and empowering.

I did end up getting an excellent hybrid with nearly comparable fuel mileage (my average lifetime mpg so far with 5.5K miles or so is 42.0 mpg) and a MUCH better service package (completely, absolutely free regularly scheduled maintenance and fancy car washing, vacuuming and waxing of my vehicle whenever I want). In fact, I find myself deliriously happy with my ride and I truly believe that I am happier with this vehicle by far than I would ever have been with a Toyota Prius.
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"We gave them a Roland for their Oliver"; this phrase I've heard recently on an old Magnum P.I. episode where Magnum and Higgins are trading childish but well wrought pranks on one another in a retaliatory-like "game," and I believe it meant they gave a good fight for the one they received. Used like this; It was a short but hot engagement and we gave them a Roland for their Oliver". I'd like to know where this phrase came from and why.

Roland (known in Italian as Orlando) was one of the most famous paladins of medieval literature, one of the mythical knights of the emperor Charlemagne. His exploits feature in some of the most famous poems in early European literature, from the l1th-century "Song of Roland" to the 16th-century "Orlando Furioso". His best friend was called Oliver, and the legendary adventures they each had were so similar that it's hard to tell the stories about them apart. Eventually they met, incognito so that neither recognized the other, and fought for five days without being able to beat each other, until finally they broke each other's swords, and said "I yield" simultaneously. So "to give someone a Roland for his Oliver" is to produce an equal opponent.

Bring on more red wine!
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Note to CoB: Must find and watch this after it airs this Saturday...

There's the Doctor, Torchwood, and a Davros & the Daleks... Special Mash eppie!
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Yes. I am a fan. Though my younger self had been freaked out by an episode where an alien creature incubated its eggs inside of humans who were in stasis, where the hatched youngling ate its way out of the human body, just like a parasitic wasp. However, since CoB was such a long-standing fan, I decided to give the show a chance when they started it up again and am I ever glad I did! Only bad thing is that I never remember to watch it on Friday nights, and I wish I had BBC America as well so I wouldn't have to watch both Dr. Who and Torchwood online, instead of just watching it on the telly.

Damn. I think I'm going to have to go digital and have the digital recorder set up like CoB's brother has...

Anyway: Feast on the Who-ness.

Russell T Davies

June 15, 2008

Who Altered British TV? ‘Who’ Indeed


RUSSELL T DAVIES, perhaps the most admired writer and producer working in British television drama, was once confronted at a wedding by a fellow guest bristling with indignation about a scene in Mr. Davies’s hugely successful, family-friendly science fiction series, “Doctor Who.” In the scene Capt. Jack Harkness, a swaggering intergalactic hero who exuberantly lusts after both men and women, plants quick kisses on the mouths of both the title character and the title character’s female sidekick as they face imminent death. (Everyone survives.)
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Okay... One may be coincidence but two?

Been filling the need for cheesy goodness the last few days by watching Forever Knight episodes.

1. David Hewlett, the man who plays our likeably unlikable Dr. Rodney McKay, appeared on the episode Dead Air playing Matthew Reed, a psycho-serial-killer who ended up dying spectacularly in a high-voltage accident after trying to shoot our favorite vampire detective. His FN appearance does not appear on the bio provided by Sci-Fi's SGA website, it is listed on IMDB.

2. In the very next episode, I kid you not Rachel Lattrell, who plays the tough Teyla Emmagan on SGA, appeared in the episode Hunters playing a computer techie who updates and computerizes the precincts records into easily searched databases. Haven't caught her character's name yet though. Checked IMDB, it is listed there, and she played Norma Alves.

Oh, wait. NEITHER one of them have the FN appearance listed in the bio provided by Sci-Fi's SGA website. Of course, they only want to showcase the more choice tidbits of their respective acting pasts. They've appeared on other shows similarly - like the actually mentioned Street Legal. As a nod to the still great Equally Large Boa Gambit: Hewlett appears in Boa vs. Python.

CoB makes the comment: Not surprising that they would be in both since they are both Canadian actors. Now all I want is to see Skanky make a cameo on SGA with Nick Knight... Yeah...
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CoB and I were discussing the writer's strike the other day. Today, while having lunch, I got reminded of a solution (or stop-gap measure to stave off the coming plague of reality tv crap) that I came up with...

Re-release a bunch of old shows as if they were new, from the pilot episode, through as many seasons as they made. Suggestions of such shows were as follows:

Magnum PI
Simon & Simon
Northern Exposure
Greatest American Hero

Stuff that we aren't seeing in reruns now. Stuff that is getting bought like hotcakes in the stores because people miss it so much they are buying it. This is the chance to introduce all this stuff to the generations that were not able to watch the first time around. We could also import more stuff - like all the UK shows that would be really popular (instead of having to rewrite them into an Americanized version, which really killed the comedic effect of Coupling) if aired on the regular stations instead of exclusively on BBC America.

A thing to do that could help out if the strike started affecting the movie industry would be to re-release classic films (yes, they'd have to lower the prices on tickets because come on, they aren't paying as much to show these older films - which is why we have discount theaters showing "new" releases that are past their prime). They've been doing that, as well as live showings of opera as it is being performed at theaters, as pilot programs for a little while now... They could expand that. Imagine being able to see Spamalot at your local movieplex? I for one would love that.

Comments? Ideas? Nominations for re-release? Things you would like to see aired live at your local movie theater?


May. 2nd, 2007 09:14 pm
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So, thanks to [ profile] crabbyolbastard and his posting of the Mahna-mhana song, I had to go ahead and watch a few more muppet classics that I remember dearly. The first was the orange singing Carmen. The second was Ernie singing Rubber Ducky (which as the CoB knows, I have modified to sing about our cat whom we call Smelly-belly). The third was the Ladybug Picnic. Yeah, they don't make 'em like that anymore. *sigh of nostalgia*

Spent eight hours today continuing my work from yesterday. Finished the take-home final, three question answered in ten pages, with equations and a diagram. Myah. Going to study econometrics exclusively tomorrow and friday, and tommorrow at 5:30 pm I'm getting together with a study group. Which, yes, I posted about yesterday.

Now all that's standing between myself and the actual diploma (I'm getting an incomplete, but it is for a spring semester class so I would still go through this commencement ceremony) is getting my Tilapia Farm business plan done - as realistic as I can make it - and presented.

Gah! Got to remember to hang up the robe so it is relatively free of wrinkles! I hope someone will be able to help me figure out how to put the hood on the robe too. *sigh*

Now, on to the broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken & tots... Yay!

Tomorrow - Starbucks!
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Okay, any theories people because I am just well... I don't think they could kill off her character. Isn't she one of the main characters in the storyline? GAH!


Dec. 7th, 2006 09:09 pm
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They're starting the Justice League next week! Hahahahahahaha! Excellent.

Yeah, Aquaman, the Flash, Green Arrow... some other guy, and possibly the Martian Manhunter, along with Supes. Still hasn't flown though.

Just taking a break from studying for finals. Gah!
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Blast them all to the coldest reaches of space! Those BASTARDS! They're not bringing back Surface... we will never find out what the hell was going on, or get any resolution, or see anymore cute Nim shots. *wails*

NBC betting on backstage bickering

Two shows about shows on sked; 'Joey,' 'Conviction' gone

NEW YORK (AP) -- NBC is betting on Aaron Sorkin's new tale of backstage intrigue at a TV comedy show and three new serialized dramas to lead the network out of a ratings slump caused by its inability to develop new hits.

The network is revamping its Thursday night lineup, the linchpin of its "must-see TV" golden years, and hopes Sunday night football will also add strength to the schedule.

NBC finished a first-ever fourth in the ratings last year and is looking at a similar showing this season, with Howie Mandel's game show "Deal or No Deal" the only notable new success. That game will be on the schedule twice next fall, Monday and Friday nights.

NBC was the first of the broadcast networks, including the fledgling CW network that will start operations in September, to announce a fall schedule this week.

"In all candor, I think it's been a banner year in NBC development," Kevin Reilly, NBC entertainment president, said Monday. "We hit the gold mine this year."

That's what advertisers, who will commit to billions of dollars of commercial time over the next few weeks in the process known as the upfront, are most eager to see from NBC. Sorkin's show "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" is the most prominent new series.

Sorkin, creator of "The West Wing," brings Bradley Whitford from that series to his new show, along with Matthew Perry of "Friends" and Amanda Peet. It's about the turmoil and romance backstage at a network comedy sketch show, and NBC is telegraphing its importance by scheduling it at 9 p.m. on Thursdays -- once the time slot of "Cheers" and "Seinfeld."

NBC also scheduled "30 Rock," a comedy that Tina Fey of "Saturday Night Live" wrote and stars in, about the backstage world of a network comedy. Reilly said he wasn't worried about two new similar series, saying the tone is very different.

"If they were two cop shows, nobody would waste a minute of breath on it," Reilly said.

NBC is moving its two promising Thursday comedies, "My Name is Earl" and "The Office," up an hour to begin at 8 p.m. While "ER" returns at 10 p.m., NBC won't air repeats of the long-running medical show. "ER" will split its run with a new drama, "The Black Donnellys," about Irish mobsters.

Three other new dramas the network will introduce in the fall are "Friday Night Lights," an adaptation of the popular Buzz Bissinger book built around a Texas high school football team; "Kidnapped," a thriller about the abduction of a rich New York teenager; and "Heroes," about a group of people with superhuman powers.

The introduction of National Football League games on Sunday nights gives NBC strength on what has been a weak night. When football ends, NBC will bring back "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump in Los Angeles, and a talent show with Regis Philbin as host that is getting a summer run starting in June.

"Scrubs" and "Crossing Jordan" received full-season orders, although they are not on the schedule. That means each show will likely replace others that fail.

NBC is canceling the failed "Friends" spinoff "Joey," the sci-fi drama "Surface" and producer Dick Wolf's show about youthful prosecutors, "Conviction." emphasis added

NBC's position as the first network introducing its schedule means it may make adjustments upon seeing what its rivals do in the coming days, Reilly said.

Posted today on here, for those of you who need proof.
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So, this is the film, on TCM, that [ profile] crabbyolbastard and I will be watching tonight. As it begins, CoB speaks: "I remember SEEING this... in school." Apparently he watched this in a history of film class while in college. Hrm. Totally created, screen-written, scene designs, everything by Dr. Suess - a live action Dr. Seuss movie with direct involvement by the artist who shaped the end product. It reminded me immediately of the new version of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Heh. And of course, in my tendency to over analyze something I went out in search of all the reviews I could find. Overall, it got really good reviews and I thought it would be interesting to see. I recorded them and their sources below so that I could look at them later, and possibly include them in the plot notes listed in the database when/if I end up getting it.

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Bart: I don't think the piano is my instrument.
Dr. Terwilliker: What other instruments are there, pray tell? Scratchy violins, screechy piccolos, nauseating trumpets, et cetera, et cetera?

The only live-action Dr. Seuss movie for nearly a half-century, this delightful musical comedy is a treat--something for kids who thought they have seen everything. Young Bart (Tommy Rettig of TV's Lassie) detests his piano lessons with the fanatical Dr. Terwilliker (Hans Conried). As with Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Bart falls into a dream world in which the piano teacher--renamed Dr. T--is ruler and children are hunted down to have piano lessons. Worse yet, Dr. T has magical control over Bart's mom (Mary Healy). The Oscar-nominated songs are uneven but the art direction is superb, creating a truly magical world (and the world's longest piano). Dr. Seuss's love for language stays intact. Many kids of the 1950s might remember Bart's five-fingered beanie, which was a top seller. Great fun for all ages. --Doug Thomas (found here, followed by a large amount of very favorable customer reviews.
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As my sweety [ profile] crabbyolbastard said just a few minutes ago (yes he invented a new word):
It's Blizzarding!

It is indeed. Reports by the overexcited weatherman on the local Channel 3 news (which bumped Sunday Morning to 10:30, just to say it was snowing...) are that we will be getting at least 2 feet of snow. COB's dad said "You know its going to be bad when they NAME the storm." The name of our genteel nor'easter is called Carson. Query Did Carson Daley call up the weather people and make his case about how cool it would be to name a snowstorm after him? Better a snowstorm than a hurricane these days - they are rarer.

Don't forget to read my previous post - the huge, long, update of all the interesting news that you may have missed over the last few days... Are they - like in Mel Gibson's Conspiracy Theory all linked? You decide.

So, we have decided that in our snowed in state there should be some really horrifying movies being played to keep us awake, alert, and freaked out - since during a snowstorm there is still that feeling of being isolated, of being "snowed in" and unable to contact, let alone get out into, the world. (No, The Shining isn't on the list unfortunately, we don't have a copy of that yet.) The line up so far is: The Ring Two followed by 28 Days Later... Both are the UNRATED (read scarier and more fracked up) versions. Neither of which we've seen. I was thinking of having a zombie fest follow these but... who knows. Any suggestions? (damn, opening scene to the ring two and we say to each other at the same time "it's the ultimate (teen) chain letter!" and wouldn't you know it, the way they set it up in the first one... it is. this better not turn into one of those stupid teen movies... of course we just said - he waited too long, she'll watch it but not until he's already DEAD! hahahahaha! the irony.

Of course this (not the movie the snow) makes me want to even more, move to Colorado or some place that has a snow culture. New England does in a way but, it isn't that overarching, especially in the lower NE states like CT. And NH - yes I have finally come to the point where I can sorta bad mouth the place... there is a large population of the "inbred" and hateful types up there. Of course, the color of my skin would exclude me from their hate, until I opened my mouth and started voicing my opinions. And it isn't everywhere, just in (some?) the small, poor insular towns. Of which there are many in NH. There are plenty of nice places too - like Laconia and the Lakes Region - that sort of balance it out but... I have had too much exposure to the previous type in the past four years.

I would x out that whole part about NH if I could - don't know how to do it... You could tell me, of course... *sigh* My main problem is that I have ONLY been influenced to that opinion by the singular town of Pittsfield. Of which I have only heard most of the bad and not nearly enough of the good. How it has affected my immediate family, destroyed a marraige that I never wanted to occur, (not that I would take it back if I could because it resulted in three most wonderous siblings) and so on. Should I allow that experience, (and a few others that were purely on an interpersonal basis) poison (I was going to say "color" but then realized what the root of that particular saying probably was) all the good memories I have of NH? Should I allow the feelings of tawdriness influence the good that I've known of people and places?

Back to the movies: why can I not stop yelling at or about the movie at the screen and to my sweet crabby one? About how stupid the people are, about: WHY DO THEY STILL HAVE TELEVISIONS AFTER WHAT THEY WENT THROUGH?! Oh. it was a nightmare. Never mind - I'm going to have to just shut up and watch it.

Enjoy the snow!


Oct. 9th, 2005 08:30 pm
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I love this... Watching West Wing right now. Alan Alda's character is in his mercedes going to make a speech and one of his handlers (please forgive me that I can't remember her name, she played Mrs. Taylor on Home Improvement and a doctor on Strong Medicine) AHA! Patricia Richardson, was calling him to alert him to a story breaking on The Drudge about him making a deal with Pro-Lifers etc... She was saying something like "the media takes the Drudge seriously, how do you want to address this?" and he just brushes her off... all of us here are like: ohhh, better be paying attention to that! the internets are powerful! beware the drudge!

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Fortunately for all of you, someone has thought up a way of finding that out. Interesting results.

How to make a semiotic_pirate

3 parts intelligence

1 part self-sufficiency

5 parts perseverance
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add curiosity to taste! Do not overindulge!


Personality cocktail

Got to finally see Serenity today... Shiny. Now watching Northern Exposure - starting from the first episode - since [ profile] crabbyolbastard got the infamous Parka Pack (which is made up of the first three seasons of the quirky Alaskan-based show.) Weird thing was, someone at BestBuy walked up to him (and employee) asking if he was finding everything okay - and when they noticed what he was getting, commented: "Wow! I just got back from a trip to AK and I got to visit Roslyn." And that was after the bizarre dream he had the other night. Heh.

Some of the scenes are reminding me of the summer that I spent up there (mostly sleeping in a tent out in the middle of the NorthWest bush) working with the fish. Sweet. Hope I get to go back there some day. Great wide open. Hopefully (and I know the opinion is divided up there) they don't cut all their forests down. Some places need to stay wild.
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Eight hours of Kabuki Food... Alton Brown starts the first hour by conducting a tour of how they came to create the american offshoot from the original Iron Chef and how they are going to bring a hopefully fantastic crossover into the version americana.

YES! Been waiting for this bad boy to start. Yay! What a great way to start off the new year... (Although having dinner at G&K's house was the real great beginning!)

::watches intently::

UPDATE: Almost at the end of hour three... Damn, I wish I could've been one of the taste tester critics on these! ::more drool:: Why do they keep saying that the "premier" of the show is on January 16th? Are they talking about when they start the non-crossover version episodes? Hmnn.
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Yay for the Sponge! Long live the Sponge! (anyone ever wonder if he is a displaced kitchen sponge, being square?) We LOVE the Sponge!

Absorbency Plus Frivolity, a Blend the World Needs

In the wake of the recent election, there's been some talk of healing, but until today no single figure has emerged with the capacity to repair the deep fissures in the body politic. We are so hung up on blue states and red states that our only hope may lie in the primary color that has been left off the map. We need something - or someone - yellow, and also absorbent and porous enough to soak up the ill will and scrub away the lingering bad feelings.

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