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If you aren't following both my twitter feed as well as here, you may be unaware of the fact that I'm trying to get another job. I have been thinking about it for a couple of years, but the market has been scant since about a year or so into the recession for my jobs in my profession. I got a LOT of calls from recruiters during my third year - when I was still uncertain about my skills b/c I got no formal training and not a lot of support from my employer. As a matter of fact, my manager did his very best to derail my confidence and belief in myself and my abilities; he specifically took advantage of the fact that their offer was the first white collar position I'd ever had - before I'd even graduated - and low-balled my starting salary. What did I know, right? And then it was a continual fight of me trying to be involved in things (projects & committees, etc.) and continually being shot down b/c all they wanted me to do was what I was doing. Which I wouldn't have a problem with if they actually PAID me what I was worth. So now I don't feel valued.

That is the set up of how I found myself - through market research that I started last year - getting paid $30K below industry standards. That is how, when presented with a great opportunity, I ended up applying for THE PERFECT JOB (the one that appears out of nowhere, fits you to a tee, and that you hope that you land b/c not only is it a perfect match with potential for advancement, they'd be paying you just above the industry average to START.) And, right now, I find myself inspired to watch Working Girl tonight b/c THIS IS MY STORY. Or at least a reasonable facsimile.

Seriously. I grew up dirt poor, urban poor, inner city poor, and from a starting point that is likely much below our eventually empowered protag... but the ESSENCE of the story, the arc of having your hard work, instinct, knowledge, gumption, and determination to better yourself is PERFECT to my looking back at what I've done and what I've yet to achieve.

On to the main event. The inspiration of why I've got to watch this movie. Monday. Monday is the day that I have my THIRD interview with a recruiter - after two phone interviews, this is where I get the in-person treatment and the discussion about "next steps" because he's told me that the CEO is ready to start interviewing now that they've got a strong pool of candidates. The funny thing, sort of, is that the recruiter actually thought, up until partway through the second interview, that I was applying for the intermediary position and not the top position. Huh. I'll be talking about that with him - if he thinks I should apply for both I WILL.

This job. If it goes through... I don't want to say too much b/c I don't want to jinx it. Let's just say I really, really hope that this goes great on Monday and that I not only get the in-person with the company but that it lands me the job. Both my experience in the profession and my social engineering skills - like noticing what the women in the company wear and mimicking that style. Hey. What can I say? I am going to take every ethical tack I can maneuver into in order to land this job.

Back to the movie: really, I see greatness and possibility in both Tess and Katharine's characters in Working Girl; if only Katharine had been less back-stabby and underhanded and Tess had been truly mentored by her. Perfect. But, no. It had to revolve around a man and having to be set up in a system where a woman has to outperform every man in order to stand out enough to be taken seriously. I remember this from when I worked blue collar jobs, but there you only needed to prove yourself once to be taken seriously and be considered part of the team. Or maybe that's just me blue-skying my memories.

I don't need a white night. I don't need a Harrison Ford to rescue me, to take my side, to open the door for me. All I need is a chance to shine in a light of my own making.

In the end - I'm going to prep myself backward and forward on this. I both want and need this to happen in my life. So those of you who are in the know, keep wishing me good luck.
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Get ready for an after the movie monologue. There may be spoilers; I am not sure. )


Note to people local to me: I never realized the shit traffic you guys experienced on the night of fireworks at MCC until I tried to get home the usual way from the above movie and hit the roadblocks. Had to go SO far around to approach from the other side. In my case, at least we were going where no one else wanted to so we didn't hit any traffic once we got out of the general flow. That poor cop who couldn't just let us through... He was helpful though. It was either sit tight in a nearby parking lot for an HOUR at 10:20pm, meaning we wouldn't get home until midnight... Or working our way around somehow b/c the roadblocks were only set in one direction forcing everyone to go through M and away from the neighboring one, EH. That's right. In all the years we'd lived in the area we have never encountered this. Always either away from town or staying in for the night. Always. Cop was shocked but didn't disbelieve me on that point.
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Tomorrow night, as part of "Fuck Yeah, It's A Three Day Weekend" celebration DH and I will be going to that great All-American pastime, the drive-in movie theater. First up will be Inside Out which, if you haven't seen it... GO SEE IT IT IS FANTASTIC IT MADE ME CONTINUOUSLY CRY IN A CATHARTIC WAY AND SADNESS STOLE THE SHOW. The second movie, the one I suggested the drive-in for (two movies for the price of less than one at an indoor theater) was - you guessed it - Terminator: Genisys. Although I mocked their choice of titles, I am pretty open minded about what I'll be presented with in the movie.

I told DH when I suggested this line-up that I'm going to go in thinking about The Matrix (a never ending cycle) and Star Trek (with all of its long history of complicated, temporal messiness.)

Then I decided to go look and see what the critics thought over on Rotten Tomatoes. It. Got. A. 24%. Splat.

This is part of a “splat” rating but it sounds like a “fresh” one to me:

“Terminator: Genisys feels like a VHS cassette that's been rewound and recorded over for 21 years. It's haunted by ghosts of old movies, a cyborg whose entire DNA is déjà vu.”

People, and by people I mean critics, can’t seem to wrap their heads around temporal anomalies, shifts, and the reframing/rebuilding of an entire universe and timeline due to small, basic changes (or goddarn big changes) made in the past trickling into a roaring rush of changes in the “present day.” And this is AFTER they were able to marvel at it being done in the first of the Star Trek reboot movies.

The whole point of Terminator is a temporal battle, right? It's been like that since the first time we saw Sarah Connor meet up with Kyle Reese and encounter the T-800. Or do I have that backwards? Well... There was an "encounter" with Reese... Never mind; I digress.

This next one is from an actual “fresh” rating that sounds like a backhanded compliment:

“Terminator Genisys​ prospers in sublime action and special effects, but they are outweighed by too many plot holes and erroneous events in the new timeline.”


Anyway. When we see this tomorrow night, I’ll know if these people are just dense or if the reviews are accurate. *goes off humming the Back In Time song from another temporally-based movie series*


Update: Here's my possibly spoiler filled review.
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Well, this part isn't going to be a rant... I already went into the maddening details during my first post (mostly) and the second post (follow up). This final piece is just to discuss the final resolution.

Went into the theater today to see Skyfall. Great movie btw. Decided I'd do the final return of tickets before the movie started. I thought I would just stand in line with all the people waiting to buy tickets and then realized that Guest Services should be handling my type of problems and, when not otherwise engaged, could sell tickets. Anyways, I go around to wait in the short line for GS - and I got gruff from the ticket taker (during the day they have the main lobby roped off so that the entire complex can be served by one ticket taker) about waiting in the other line. Yeah. Not, guy.

Both of the people in front of me had issues they wanted to resolve with the theater management - can't remember what they were but they weren't buying tickets. I get up to the counter and I figure this is one of the top brass people. He not only knew how to return my money for the entire transaction of tickets (rather than the poor schmuck on Wed that could only figure out how to return one ticket at a time) he made sure my disgruntle about having to pay the surcharge on movietickets TWICE (for four tickets) was resolved by giving me two open passes good for any show, any time, in any type of theater.

Next time I head to the theater I'll be wearing my Team Van Helsing shirt - it has a stake dripping glittery blood on it too. Heh. Although I cannot resist seeing how they put the final Meyer bit of book on the screen, I am going to bring all the snark I felt while reading them too.

In other news: I am still getting notifications about and books are arriving from an (apparently) huge pre-order of books that I did via Subterranean Press. Weird, yet fun. Like getting timey wimey presents from the past.

Back to Skyfall. One of the best Bond films, ever. I love all the nods to historical Bond moments (no spoilers, but you'll know em when you see em).
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Remember yesterday, when I told you all about my attempt to get advanced tickets for the Hobbit movie being released 12/14? Remember yesterday, when I said that after all that trouble I finally had the tickets I needed for the time I wanted to go and located in my preferred seat range? Remember yesterday, when I seemed so certain I had won?

Yeah. Having three sets of tickets (one for the new Bond movie, one for the final Twilight movie - to which I plan on wearing my Team Helsing shirt, and one for the Hobbit) I decided it would be best to make sure each set was properly paperclipped and labeled. Lo and behold me hearties, I discovered that the replacement tickets I had so laboriously procured were for the WRONG TIME (10:30am for pity's sake; what, am I supposed to take the bloody day off?). Yeah. So I popped online and paid yet again for the tickets, this time for the right time, and thank goodness my preferred seat range was still available.

I have yet to get back to the theater box-office and get the tickets I finally got yesterday refunded. I figure I will just go early before the Bond film and do it then. I'm going to want to grab someone by the lapels and shake them till I hear their brain rattling about and blood begins to ooze from their ears and nose... but I will resist that impulse. However, I will insist that they refund me both sets of online fees/surcharges that I paid for the convenience of ordering online given the fact that I had to come into the theater to actually finish/fix the total transaction/experience. Because they really smeared the walls with poop on that one.

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Well me fine hearties... I bring to you a tale of rage, irritation, journeys, scandal, and redemption. It all begins with the anticipation of the viewing pleasure of our wee little furry footed friends.

Yeah. This is about my travail about finally scoring advanced tickets for the upcoming flick:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Companies involved: and Rave Cinemas at Buckland Hills Manchester.

It really began about a few months or so ago, when I put an item in my calendar to remind me to look up information about advanced ticket sales at the end of October. Once Halloween rolled around, I had found out that tickets were supposed to go on sale (for the December 14th premier in the U.S. and Canada) on November 7, 2012. Reset calendar item.

Today, when I got to work and checked for tickets online, I found out that tickets weren't going on sale until NOON EST. Those bastards.

Okay. Reset calendar item and set a timer to go off five minutes before noon. While I'm waiting for noon to come, my husband calls to tell me he's heading home to work the rest of the day from there as the Nor'Easter snowfall had begun. I look up from my desk (where I had truly been hard at work finishing up on a project report) I see the practical whiteout conditions in the back parking lot of the building. Lovely.

Five minutes before noon arrives. I get myself logged into my usual ticket purchasing website, making sure I have my credit card ready. I get onto the day in question and, every so often, hit refresh in the address bar. Noon arrives. No tickets. Refresh, refresh, refresh... Five minutes pass - no tickets.

I call the theater and press zero to be connected to a live person. They very nicely tell me that due to a new computer system that they'd installed a few weeks back they were having technical difficulties. Perhaps sometime between while I am talking to them and 6pm, or as late as 6pm the next day the glitch would be worked out. *beginnings of irritation/annoyance*

More snow falls. More work gets done. I doggedly keep hitting the refresh button, hoping.

I had come in that day at 7am so that I could leave by 3pm, since I had thought that the snow was going to hold off until mid-afternoon. I realize I forgot my snow brush and scraper at home; I hadn't yet pulled it out of its storage space in the garage and put it into the trunk. I come up with the brilliant idea of using a gallon ziplock baggie to seal around my gloved hand to keep myself both warm and dry when I finally get out to clean off my car before leaving for home.

More snow falls.

At 2:50pm, after hitting refresh yet again, I am rewarded with three theaters of showtimes. IMAX, and two others. I notice that (unlike what I'd gotten my posse to agree to) there were NO MIDNIGHT SHOWINGS. *sigh* I go for the 7pm showing instead as I must have my assigned seats when I go through the trouble of getting advanced tickets and purchase them online (where you get a $1 surcharge on each ticket).

Wait! What's this?! No offer to choose my seats? ARGH! I buy the tickets anyway, thinking that if I didn't there was a possibility of them being sold out before I could later get the chance to purchase them. Besides, the snowfall had turned into more of a snow-drizzle and I figured I could stop at the theater on the way home and make sure my seats were assigned where I wanted them to be.

So. 3pm arrives and I am (surprisingly) all ready to go with laptop bag in tow just in case. Snow cleared off the car handily. Although there was some slowdown as (most) people drove more cautiously, the drive to the theater was done on relatively snow free roads - though there were plenty of slick spots.

Walking in the theater, I find myself glad that it seems to be a slow time. I'd been able to park very close to the front doors and the snow was starting to pick up a little. Shouldn't take too long, right?

Over a half hour later... They had to refund my purchased tickets one at a time. They hadn't realized they hadn't set it up to allow/assign seating (IMAX is ALWAYS assigned seating). They had to call the back room techie and have them set up the system to get the seating problem cleared up. One good thing - they weren't allowing any other sales until my refund was processed and I had purchased my tickets with the seats of my choice.

Did I mention they'd recently gotten a new computer system set up? They all hate it (the people working with it at the front desk area - including management). It is clunky, counter intuitive, and one big hassle. There really didn't seem to have been any intensive training to instruct the employees in its use either. One of the many annoying things to result in the new system (besides those annoying things I've already discussed) is that if you have purchased tickets for multiple movies (say one on Saturday, another on Sunday, and advanced tickets for something in a couple of weeks) the kiosk will no longer just print all of your purchased tickets out for you - it gives you an error message and you have to go to the counter just like all the shlubs that didn't think to buy their tickets ahead of time. Utterly stupid. Especially because once you get up to the front of the line it takes forever for the person to look up those tickets and has to access each show/set separately for printing.

When I finally got outside again? Snow was falling more heavily than when I'd gone in, and it was finally starting to stick and build up on the roads. It was pretty hairy driving home from there. And it didn't help that I needed to bypass home to pass to the other side of town and pick up something for dinner too.

Now I am home, driveway heater on, warm and toasty on the couch because I am cuddled under a blanket with my living hot water bottle (half Chihuahua half Daschund). My Unexpected Journey is over. Wish I had a ring and a bunch of gold... guess I'm not as lucky as some hobbits I know.
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Some of the following was a comment to a recent post by Ginmar. Between my recursive and fascinating internal dialogue about my experience watching Looper today to catching up on Glee... A toggle was switched on in my brain and I got to thinking about the state of things. I saw this article interviewing Michael Dorn (famously known as Worf on Start Trek Next Generation) and his thoughts about needing a new Trak on TV. He was saying something along the lines of all the stuff we are seeing in the media about science fiction these days is dark, distopian, without hope for a better future. Without some type of bright story to inspire us, as ST OST and ST TNG and all the other iterations did, we'll possibly start believing too much in the darker possibilities.

A recent episode of Glee I was watching last night (catching up on the new season, yes I guess I am a bit of a Gleek) began a new story arc for the show. I love that there's been a return to a show similar to what Fame was for me earlier in life. Some things are good when they come around again.

Back to the episode: there's this ultra-bitch new cheerleader type character called Kitty (I think). She's got this thing for getting her little popular crowd to mercilessly make fun of everyone she takes a dislike to - and she starts this new after school club called Left Behind. Do I have to go into details about the whole "left behind after the rapture" mania about the end times and the series of books (describing what happens to the people that are left behind, very distopian and full of righteous fear mongering) that the fundies are probably using to bankroll a lot of the shit they're doing? I hope we are all on the same page at this point - use the Google if you need to.

So this club of hers. They decide to meet at the local diner, with a bunch of people that they dragged in as potential members and/or targets. This poor asian-american "nerd" girl with giant glasses ended up being that night's target... Poor girl gets tricked into leaving the room and all of a sudden Kitty's like "everybody out!" They left bits of clothing similar to what they were wearing in each of their places and watch from the windows outside as the girl comes out and has a mental breakdown b/c she thought she had gotten left behind. Fear! Be afraid! Do what we tell you and conform to how we think you should think/feel/act. That was so telling to me about the way Mittens and all his right wing fundie folk operate. That and the way they railroad people into becoming followers by shaming them, after having gotten them to do something that they can turn around and say "you can't walk away now, look at what you've already done, we are your only path to salvation" and further bullshite. The techniques of mind washing and such where they talk at someone for so long that they get their head turned around and they can't even see that the sky is blue. That a wall is just a wall and a window is just made of glass.

Why can't they get it through their heads that "free will" means you need to let me make my own decisions, my own mistakes, to be autonomous in my thinking and in my actions? The sky is blue. I am a person. My friends are people too.
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They are like pressed rose leaves.

I truly cannot believe that I've never yet seen Arsenic and Old Lace. The DH has decided that this is the movie we shall watch tonight. The opening credits were surprising, with the visual references to witchcraft and the Halloween season.

It's only a few minutes in, and I am already in love with it. There are a lot of other B&W classic movies of this type that I adore as well. Of course, this (not including musicals) is just the "short" list.

Bringing Up Baby
His Girl Friday
Bell Book and Candle
The Absentminded Professor
North by Northwest
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Rear Window
It's a Wonderful Life
Shop Around the Corner
Seven Samurai
The Incredible Mr. Limpet
Who's Minding the Store
The Court Jester
Sergeant York
The African Queen
Woman of the Year
Christmas in Connecticut

Most of these have Carey Grant or Jimmy Stewart in them, huh? Yeah.
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Speak. A movie released in 2003.

I don't know why people were slamming this movie over on Rotten Tomatoes. Just wrote the following review there and decided to cross-post it here.

I found it slow paced and low key, but it was actually pretty darn good. Heck. It made me cry at the end and elicited a gamut of emotions during. Cathartic.

Spoiler Alert. Go no further, avast!

It is from the perspective of a girl, Melinda, that just started high school. A girl that got raped at a party over the summer. A girl that was then ostracized and publically humiliated and taunted by her rapist, former friends and peers. (You find out later that only the rapist is taunting her about the rape itself.)

The only one of her fellow students - a girl who just transferred from out of state - makes any effort to befriend her. Her mother is self-involved, her father is clueless, her former best friend is a heartless bitch. This is the story of her struggle to deal with her situation. In each scene it looks like the girl gets thinner and thinner, her effort to appear drab is painful to watch.

Her lab partner, a nice stand up guy, tries to draw her out (and although she admires his forthrightness in confronting racist comments disguised as "discussion" by a teacher) she can't let him in because she's become leery of men. She does eventually allow him in and he takes her side.

She starts expressing herself through art, and the art teacher (Mr. Freeman) seems to have a knack for drawing her out through her creativity. Ivy, a girl from art class, starts being nice to her partway through the year. As the situation gets more painful, and the memories are flashed back to, I just wish I could reach through the screen and do some major damage to the rapist, M's former best friend that later hooks up with him, and all the taunters. And then new girl ditches her! And art teacher is harsh! And the 'rents can't add 2 + 2 when they read her the riot act on her grades instead of finding out why she's failing out.

S for staightforward, Nathaniel. Speak up and make yourself heard! Visit with the mind of The Great One and rip the truth from the earth with your two angry hands. If something's eating at you, you've got to find a way to use it.

I cannot believe how long it took M to even think about talking to someone about her rape, and that she then remains silent. But. She does reaaly start speaking up for herself. And recreating herself out of the ashes of her former life. She tells one person, finally, and the first reaction is disbelief and anger. But then there is belief. And hope. And the possibility of a brighter future. And even a bit of justice, in the end.
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Calorie Count website… I've decided to keep track of what I'm inputing into my body like I had to do for a nutrition class I took over the summer back in 96. Now, normally, I would just go with this site and keep track of what I've eaten in a journal of some type, maybe even a spread sheet. But who needs that when you can use Calorie Tracking at the Daily Plate via LIVESTRONG. The site offers a LOT more than just calorie tracking. I can't believe how much stuff there is for someone to keep track of fitness, weight, nutrition, goals, etc. I really like how you can create "meals" made up of all the stuff, including how many "portions" of each you are consuming during that meal.

I am so looking forward to seeing all of the upcoming 3-D movies that are going to be released in the next year or so, click the picture showing my most anticipated to see Wired's very well laid out, detail driven list:

Squee! Sleestacks! And Will Ferrell is starring. Sweet.

Quite a few of the other movies may turn out to be better than Land of the Lost but I have a special place in my heart for the Sleestacks.

Paid Holidays for 2009:

January 1, 2009 New Year’s Day
January 19, 2009 Martin Luther King Day
February 16, 2009 President’s Day
May 25, 2009 Memorial Day
July 3, 2009 Independence Day (day before, Friday)
September 7, 2009 Labor Day
October 12, 2009 Columbus Day
November 26-27, 2009 Thanksgiving (day of and day after)
December 25, 2009 Christmas Day

This must mean we are back to having two floating holidays. Yay!

Did you know that before the invention of the light bulb, the average person slept 10 hours a night? And no wonder I don't like waking up in the morning. Now I know why I always crave those ten hours every night and why I would prefer to be a night owl too.

Anybody else out there interested in switching to an algal-based diet? C'mon, with this guy in charge of the menu, how could we go wrong? Our taste buds are sure to be happy, eh? Oh yeah, we can run cars on alga-sourced fuel too.


Nov. 20th, 2008 05:38 pm
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*lustful sigh*

I wonder if [ profile] ginmar is aware of his hotness Gerard Butler playing the greatest conqueror of all time... Wonder if she would like a copy of the movie...

More screen captures

That and more hotness from Attilla found here.

I'm figuring all the GB pictures will catch [ profile] ginmar's attention.

Posty Post

Oct. 20th, 2008 05:05 pm
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OH NOZ! 'Anonymous' Member Unmasked!

An 18-year-old New Jersey man agreed to plead guilty to federal computer hacking charges Friday for participating in a denial-of-service attack against Church of Scientology websites, as part of collective of online troublemakers known as "Anonymous."
Read more... )

As a continuation of yesterday, most of which occurred via email, here's an icon for my werewolves are better than vampire friends:

Since NPR was doing their fundraising thing this morning, I did some station surfing and heard Miss Independent, lyrics here, music video here. Not that I've seen the video, mind you, I cannot access youtube at work. *sigh* Probably better that way. Oh. Listen to it here. It's nice when you hear semi-pro-feminist R&B. There is still some expectation of beauty upkeep, but it seems like "she" has the money to pay other people to do all her upkeep for her (manicure, pedicure, hair cut and style, etc) which may be construed as a measure of privilege. However, I like it. Opinions?

Click here for a series of 13 images showing "Under the Surface at Monterey Bay Aquarium."

Article to the above slide show "Monterey Bay: An Aquarium for the Ages Opens" found here. The aquarium occupies the site of an old sardine cannery at the edge of Monterey Bay, one of the most fertile and diverse marine environments on earth.

Six Apart CEO speaks out on how the downturn in the economy is affecting blogging over a smooth, cool Belgian beer.

What the heck is "Location-Based Dating" people? Anyone? Apparently, the current article is a follow up to this one about Love: Japanese Style.

RIAA Decries Texas Woman as 'Vexatious' for Demanding File Sharing Trial. Along with the article is one of [ profile] crabbyolbastard's favorite images:

I love the second comment in the comment string at the bottom of the article:


"In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved"


If the collection of early reviews is any reliable sign (and the consistent tone in each would indicate it is), the next James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, is an aggressive, tight, grim and moody thriller that leads directly into the next film in the decades-old series.

So far, reviews out of U.K. sources such as the BBC and The Daily Mirror praise the film and the performance of Daniel Craig as 007 for exploring the lead character's depth and motivation in a manner not seen in a previous Bond flick.

While celebrating Solace's tight pacing and effective action sequences, critics also question the film's heavy, moody tone as the grieving, vengeful 007 seeks out the deadly international criminal organization that killed his lover and threatens the world. It seems the fun, flippant Bond of Sir Roger Moore (and even Pierce Brosnan) is long gone.

Quantum of Solace premieres on Halloween in the United Kingdom and Nov. 14 in the United States.

Finally: Future vehicles may be made of 'buckypaper'

Buckypaper is 10 times lighter but potentially 500 times stronger than steel when sheets of it are stacked and pressed together to form a composite. Unlike conventional composite materials, though, it conducts electricity like copper or silicon and disperses heat like steel or brass.
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Vegas Trek Attraction Closing

CBS and Cedar Fair announced that the Star Trek: The Experience themed attraction in the Las Vegas Hilton will close on Sept. 1, confirming news first reported on

The decade-old attraction--which includes two Trek-themed motion simulator rides, Quark's bar and restaurant and a shopping arcade--has seen attendance and revenues fall for years, TrekMovie reported.

CBS held out the possibility that The Experience might find new life in some other form, telling TrekMovie, "We're extremely proud of the 10-year run Star Trek: The Experience had in Las Vegas. We're currently exploring several options to continue The Experience for the public to enjoy for years to come."

Robert Picardo, who plays his Star Trek: Voyager character of the Doctor in the "Borg Invasion 4D" portion of the attraction, expressed sadness at the news. "I'm very disappointed about it," Picardo told reporters in a conference call. "It seems the hotel changed hands, and the group that bought it, the new owners, have been eyeing that large amount of retail space lustfully for some time, so it breaks my heart a little bit to no longer be my own theme park ride."

Lost Metropolis Scenes Found

The German Murnau Foundation, dedicated to film preservation, reported that long-lost portions of Fritz Lang's seminal silent SF movie Metropolis have been discovered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Staff members of the Museo del Cine Pablo C. Ducros Hicken in the Argentine capital found the missing scenes--about 25 minutes' worth, or 25 percent of the original film--in a 16mm negative. The footage had been cut after the film's original release and was thought lost forever.

The Wiesbaden-based Murnau Foundation, which holds rights to Metropolis, plans to incorporate the scenes--which reportedly enhance narrative logic and clarify the film's story--into a new restored version of the movie, in cooperation with the Argentine film museum.

The newly discovered scenes include the character of Georgy in his "reduced" state, a character named Slim and his transformation into an apocalypse-preaching monk and a car journey through the city of Metropolis.

Third Narnia Shoots In Mexico

The third installment of Disney and Walden Media's The Chronicles of Narnia franchise will move its production to Mexico from New Zealand, where the previous two installments shot, Variety reported.

Production of the first two films--The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian--was based in New Zealand largely because of government tax incentives. Weta Digital and Weta Workshop, which created most of the films' effects and props, also are based in that country.

By contrast, the third movie, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, to be directed by Michael Apted, needs several large sound stages plus a massive water tank: The title of the film refers to the ship that serves as a major set piece.

Because of that, production will move to Rosarito, Mexico, and set up shop at Baja Studios, where Titanic, Deep Blue Sea and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World were shot.

Location shots in Australia will still be filmed as planned. Production originally was slated to start in October, but will now likely begin in January.


1. If you are a Trek fan and still haven't made it to this attraction - you better either go before they close it, or start writing letters of protest. Those of you with editorial access to the media, start making a stink.

2. I am so not surprised they found this footage where they found it.

3. Anybody know when this movie is going to finish production and be released? This was one of my favorite books in the Narnia series. The site appears to have a lot of good movie-karma-history too, those were three wonderful films.

----- Also looking forward to the November release of the HP:HBP movie -----
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Let's keep them wild. Let's keep them free.

This is the PBS website on the documentary. This was a beautiful film. If you have a chance to watch it, take that chance. It has a boom-de-yadda feel to it. The most hard-hitting moment for me was when Mark talks about his need to find a right livelihood.

From Amazon's website: "Quiet patience and an observant eye turn a seemingly unpromising subject into a rich and fascinating movie. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill captures the life of Mark Bittner, a gentle (formerly) homeless musician who's befriended a flock of wild parrots in a neighborhood of San Francisco. Following Bittner, the camera zooms in on individual parrots, revealing their individual personalities and the traits of their species. This leads to Bittner's own life, the network of friendships that support him, and the ways in which the parrots--a non-native species--interact with both the natural ecosystem and the city government; just about every topic opens up another until a flock of colorful birds represents a microcosm of nature and society.

Filmmaker Judy Irving has created an exemplary documentary simply by paying attention to the details of the world around her subject. Everything you expect from a Hollywood blockbuster--romance, violence, humor, sorrow, strong personalities in conflict--is here in spades, except that the heroes and heroines have bright red and green feathers. Utterly rewarding. --Bret Fetzer

PBS links to Mark's book The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill - A Love Story With Wings as well.

The following essay, written by Mark in 2007, describes what brought on the need to talk about and bring these parrots to the attention of the public mind. It also describes the battle to allow them to continue to be free and wild.


In the spring of 2007, I found myself in the awkward position of working for the passage of an ordinance that prohibits the feeding of San Francisco's wild parrots in city-owned parks. While the great majority of people I've spoken with have understood the reasons for my stand, a few others have had difficulty with it, regarding me as a hypocrite. Yet it was entirely consistent with everything I've said and done throughout my association with the parrot flock. During the struggle to get the ordinance passed I was unable to talk about the issue in a very public way. I felt constrained by the very situation I was working to stop. This is my explanation of what happened.
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From a review on Rotten Tomatoes that compares Kung Fu Panda with You Don't Mess With The Zohan:

Given caption: "Can't I hang out with the Ninja Turtles instead?"

I am hoping to go see this film later today, it really does look amusing. Please give me a theater where the screaming/noisy kid ratio is LOW TO NIL... please. I am going to soak up some good air-conditioned air and to enjoy a film that got an 86% fresh rating.

(Edit 2: Oh. And of course Adam Sandler's new movie is going to be juvenile... C'mon people, it is what he's known for. A rebuttal comment to the reviewer's bit about You Don't Mess with the Zohan being juvenile.)

And I thought it would amuse [ profile] ginmar, while she awaits her magazine, to see that the L.A. Film School is advertising with Zombies!

In other news: Yesterday was so frikkin HOT! Ended up passing on the CT Trails Day events in anticipation of the heat, and went down to Mystic instead. Hoping to get some sea breezes, which did occur for most of the afternoon, but there was this REALLY FRIKKIN HOT hour or so where I thought I would DIE. Well. Maybe not die, maybe just burst into flames, screaming, while running down the street to get to the water. The little air conditioned shops were like little cool puddles of sparkly goodness. Ate some really good food (thank you CoB, for letting me steal your scallops) at S&P Oyster Club and, after walking around some more to digest in the nice - now cooled - air, got some rockin' ice cream and watched the draw bridge go up. CoB may have already posted some cool images from this. Oh! Look - he did! And. Even though I could've sworn that I'd slathered on enough sun screen, we both got a little burnt around the edges. I got the shoulders, next to my cap sleeves, and the v-neck area pretty good even though now only the shoulders are showing the burn.

(Edit: On the drive home, we saw the most spectacular display of heat lightning. Which, when we were almost home, turned into a terrific rain storm that turned visibility down to almost nil just as I was getting off a tricky exit.

On the drive down, things were just as lively.

Just out of Hartford on Route 2 (known as the two lane highway of death, locally) I smartly avoided some metal pieces and a WHOLE, BLUE WHEELBARROW fall off the back of a truck, setting sparks up on the road like fireworks as it slowly dragged off its momentum. Internal monologue was first: What's that dragging metal noise? Then: Oh shit! *avoiding hitting debris and other cars as we all react to situation*

A little further down the road: Why did the person in front of me just swerve? Oh shit! *swerves around recently killed deer's carcass in the middle of the lane*

Oh. Note the tags. The entertainment part of the post is obviously separate from the discussion of the movie above. Heh.

Off to get ready to meet dear friend S. for brunch. Starting to feel the, somewhat pleasant, buildup of anticipation for work tomorrow.)
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What started out as a simple list of movies I'd like to see or want to see again (by putting them in the Saved portion of my Netflix Queue) turned into a criticism of one movie and a diatribe on another movie. Be cautious fellow feminist readers, the movie I write the diatribe on may make you angry.

Movies to put in Saved Queue on Netflix:

City of Ember (interesting concept)
Righteous Kill (Pacino and de Niro)
The Rocker
The Dark Knight
The Love Guru
You Don't Mess With the Zohan
Australia (11/14 - HUGH JACKMAN!)
Tropic Thunder
Igor (in the Land of Malaria... the Science Fair is SERIOUS)
Iron Man (seen it, loved it)
The Incredible Hulk (let us hope that the movie is as good as the trailer)
Mother of Tears (some witches are teh EVIL it says)
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (Bwahahahaha! Looks funny)
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (7/4/2009 - the teaser shows our favorite little Scrat falling into an animated version of our next movie choice)
Journey to the Center of the Earth (the "nephew" was in that other film... the one made by the people who did Jumanji)

At this point (on the third column of movies if you use the list view) it seems like the links to the movies conked out. It would start to load the movie but the quicktime screen would show the Q with a question mark over it... Curious. I'll try again later on today or tomorrow to check out the rest of them. There were some others that I am still contemplating putting on the list - Towelhead and Up The Yangzte - but I'm not sure yet.

Of the next two movies, only the first will be put in the Saved Queue. It is on these two that I have some specific comments/diatribe to make:

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [no Rachel Weisz for Evie, Evelyn Carnahan (O'Connell)] Yet another "father & son" pairing... like the lamentable Indiana Jones/Crystal Skull debacle, and, even though he would be old enough to play "himself" in this installment of the movie Freddie Boath is replaced by Luke Ford - to play Alexander 'Alex' O'Connell (the son). So you go from The Mummy to The Mummy Returns to the latest installment The Mummy: TOTDE where you have no Oded Fehr, and no Rachel Weisz. I think I may wait until it comes out on video - unless the tomato-meter gives it a high freshness rating.

And Miss Conception seems a completely tawdry and despicable attempt to inject some humor into (for the people who have to experience infertility) a tragic situation. Especially after reading the true tales of people that are desperate to have children. To turn it into a farce seems to take the hardship faced by these people and not only rub their noses in it but laugh in their faces as well. Maybe it is just the way it appears in the synopsis:

Georgina Scott (Heather Graham) is a broody 33 year-old, who sends her boyfriend, Zak, (Tom Ellis) packing when it has become apparent that he doesn’t share her desire for a bundle of joy. Zak sets off on a documentary shoot and hopes that she’ll cool off in his absence. But Georgina discovers that early menopause runs in her family and heads for a specialist with her reluctant best friend, Clem (Mia Kirshner, The L Word), in tow. Learning that her baby making days are numbered, Georgina enlists Clem and their camp pal, Justin (Orlando Seale), to make the most of it. A battle plan is drawn up but their escapades become increasingly frantic as Georgina explores internet sperm donors, night clubbers, a love struck co-worker and funeral-goers in her desperate and hilarious attempts to beat the biological clock.

Nope. Not just the synopsis that makes me sick to my stomach... According to the actual trailer this woman is told by her doctor that she has "ONLY ONE EGG LEFT" and that in the next two weeks ovulation will occur and if she doesn't bang everyone left and right in an attempt to fertilize this ONE EGG that she has left she will never produce a child that is hers genetically. In one scene she is shown apparently RAPING a man; the maid walks in the door while she is straddled on him (and there are sounds of her slapping him while trying to get his pants off) and he says "Help Me." followed by her saying "Can you come back in a few minutes?"

*vomits a little*
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Okay. I don't know if any of the people on my f-list have a Showcase Cinema nearby... Maybe this isn't restricted to just Showcase. Let's find out.

Here's the scam. Build a "Director's Hall" where the seats are more comfy and covered in leather, where the armrest between you and your sweety can be put up for added comfort/snuggles. Make it assigned seating so, when you order/buy your tickets for a hot new release you don't have to stand in line to get in and try to get a good seat... (Of course, you don't have to wait in line for anything but opening night normally so this benefit loses its value rather quickly - heh, marginal benefit talk!) Also, you can bypass the concession stand and order food right from your seats for a certain amount of time (basically until the first green screen of the previews appear).

Cost to movie-goers for all this? A $3 surcharge on every ticket.

The catch? You also pay a surcharge on any food you purchase from your seats. CoB's brother noticed this a few weeks ago when he had looked at how much it costs to buy a hot dog & soda at concessions and then what it cost for the same thing inside the theater. Yep, it is across the board, the prices are higher inside the theater.

Now. Truth be told... I actually do patronize this theater when I go to see a movie. I don't like waiting in lines and I don't like worrying about whether I'll get a good seat either. I will always arrive early for a movie otherwise, just in case, and end up sitting there for a good half-hour or so (sometimes in an empty theater because I didn't judge the time/movie/rush/popularity correctly). I am caught in the Movie Trap.

This still doesn't cull the people who bring noisy kids or the rude people who talk and/or use their cell phones during the movie... You'd think the staff would have people in there, assuring everyone that if this type of behavior occurs, the offenders will be booted. After all, we paid EXTRA to get in. (Yeah. I went to see Iron Man again the other day by myself and there were these two people chatting through almost the WHOLE MOVIE sitting directly behind me. I was PISSED.) Maybe there should be "movie etiquette" signs.

What say you? Worth it? Not worth it?
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Okay. Watched a movie called Time After Time tonight... I was expecting something else. There was a movie - made for television - that featured Jack the Ripper somehow coming forward in time. This had nothing to do with H.G. Wells. I remember that there were these bricks featured, maybe a specific bridge made of bricks? Not sure.

Please help me figure out the name of this movie?! I know it exists, I just can't remember anything but vague details about the darn thing...

I found it. Googled bridge through time movie 1990s with these results. (Because searching for anything with the word "ripper" brings up way too much crap.) This link seemed to be a real possibility. My favorite bit about this... It stars THE HOFF! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

A page titled: Terror at London Bridge

Hardly a day goes by that we don't get an e-mail that asks us the following:

Dear Stomp Tokyo,

Could you please review a movie where David Hasselhoff punches out Jack the Ripper?
It would be even better if that movie had Rose Marie and Clu Gulager in supporting roles.


Well, all those of you wanted to see a review of such a movie, you will wait no longer. The 1985 TV movie Terror at London Bridge (a.k.a. Bridge Across Time and Arizona Ripper) features all that, and Adrienne Barbeau too!
Read more... )Now all I need to do is find a copy to inflict upon the CoB!
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What once was free will now cost you.

Are they paying the driver more, to compensate for charging a delivery fee? No.
Are they still expecting you to tip the driver as much as you normally do? Yes.

Economic disincentive to take care of the driver, start charging for delivery. Anybody know if pizza delivery companies are passing this charge along to the drivers? I used to work for Pizza Hut and then for Dominoes, long ago, I recall decent tips (1996 maybe) and maybe a pittance for mileage. I used to take the percentage used for deliveries of car expenses as a tax deduction too.

But for those companies who formally advertised free delivery to change to a delivery charge setting... I can't see this as anything else but something that hurts the driver.

If any of you out there either are or know a current delivery driver that fits the above situation, please give me your opinion on this (as I see it) debacle.


In other news: I finally got to see the movie associated with my icon (Water) and it was enough to cry at least twice if not more because it was that wonderful. I can't believe what the director had to do in order to get this thing made either - they got riots and death threats in India where they were first going to shoot it so they had to go to Sri Lanka instead. Amazing story.


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