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My weekend has started off so well I am literally dancing about the house shouting "Huzzah!" at the top of my lungs.

First. Finally got hitched; delirious happiness ensues... Lots of silly hand holding and smooches recommence even after we both emphatically said to each other "we've been together over eight years, nothing's going to change."

Second. I was able to - last week- have the good timing to get a pre-order in for a pair of iPhone 4s.

Third. Said pre-ordered phones were delivered to AT&T store and picked up and implemented seamlessly, yesterday.

Fourth. This is where the triumphing over the evil bank comes in. I applied for a refinance of my vehicle with my credit union after making six months of payments on it with the Viking Horde National Bank of interest gouging awfulness... Just got off the phone with my loan officer from my awesome credit union... I GOT THE REFINANCE! W0000000000t! Went from an awful 14.61% APR to 8.3%, dropped the payment by $100 while reducing the term by splitting the payment into bi-weekly paycheck deductions. Which will amortize the loan so much quicker than the term I got approved for just NOW.

Fifth. Just realized I can put that extra $100 to get the honeymoon paid back for that much sooner! Huzzah!

If anyone want to know about the honeymoon, ask. I'll say what and where, but not when. We aren't going on a traditional timeline, obviously.
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another old article, similar to the last, also about marriage and coupledom. Man, it is tough typing/transcribing these things. I only have one more after this and I'll save it for tomorrow - though it is a different topic. I guess part of why I chose these articles is because I'm probably not going to hang onto them anymore and wanted to share their ideas before I toss them into the recycle bin... The other part is that I just witnessed a wedding this past weekend - the one [ profile] crabbyolbastard shot - and it has me thinking about relationships in general. Good, Bad, and Ugly. Warning: Run on sentence alert in effect. Favorite bit: "we continue to make contracts with each other based more on potential than on past performance" which would actually FAVOR living together on a trial basis for compatibility testing. And as a friend of mine, PJammer recently mentioned: people will delude themselves, and that is unfortunate, but not something we can control. That we are who we are and people have to accept that person, not get into a relationship intending to try and 'change' that person.

Wealth of Resource and KnowledgeBy Cheryl Lukatch


The following column first appeared in The Weirs Times on September 2, 1993.

Our culture demands a great deal of couple relationships - that they be romantic and passionate; partnerships as well as friendships, nurturing, forgiving, understanding, non-judgmental and non-demanding.
This perfect picture comes from storybooks where good always triumphs over evil and men and women don't ever disagree. Though this narrative was created many, many years ago, the perfect man/husband and perfect woman/wife thing still teases us, even though we realize we'll never measure up as " the perfect couple." But we try anyway... since that's what's expected and that's what we want to be: two well-adjusted, well-matched individuals facing life and love together, if not always happily, certainly stoically; assured that after all the "good times and bad," we'll walk off into the final sunset, still hand-in-hand with the partner we fell in love with and married. Unfortunately, rising divorce rates clearly indicate that, while our intentions are good, far too many people aren't crossing the finishing line.
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150 Years... Page 24

This is an article clipping that I came across while organizing all my various papers/articles that I've been occasionally collecting over the years. Okay, the furthest back is 1998, possibly 1995. *shrug* I've recently bought a filing cabinet and filing stuff away has been my mission these last few days.

I am not sure if this was supposed to be irony, or actual reality. Part of it reminds me of a scene from Clear and Present Danger where there is a fake secretary who takes Moira's call... Okay, you are either up front and honest, and try and find a partner who is okay with an open marriage, or you keep it in your pants. This goes for both sexes.

This claims that they went into business in 2000, and approaches the subject from a British tongue-in-cheek cheeky manner. So it really is out there. And in this article it makes it clear that it is for both men and women, instead of (as below) just for the privileged male. There was also this smarmy article by the NYC Greenwich Village Gazette. I searched for the companies mentioned and found nary a one. Either they were driven out of business by the moralists, or they went underground and only get people through word of mouth advertisements. This and this are the longest articles so far, and mention an agency supposedly at work directly within the US and claims the business is unethical. What do you think? The statistics of infidelity point to yet another reason why marriage as we know it now should be rethought and redesigned.


From a description of services offered by the Alibi Agency Ltd., a company based in Lancashire, England. The Alibi Agency donates a portion of its profits to charities benefiting children from broken homes.

Many of us have occasion to stray from out long-term partners, to dally in a brief sexual relationship with a third party. But with modern communications, it has become increasingly difficult to do so without risk of detection. Public knowledge of such a relationship can put an incredible strain on all parties concerned: family life, the home, the business, and your children's welfare can all be put on the line.
The Alibi Agency was established to provide a way out of this situation. By handling "alibis" for you, we can help you protect your loved ones from undue anxiety, ensuring the financial security and stability of a long-term relationship.
We offer a full and professional alibi service: We'll send invitations for corporate events, seminars, or sporting events to your home, then telephone you or your wife to confirm bookings. If someone tries to contact you, our receptionists will take the call as a hotel receptionist, for example, or a golf-club secretary. We will let the caller hear us try to page you, then offer to take a message when you can't be found. If we know where you are, we can even ring you while the caller is on hold, then patch the call through as if it were to your "room." We also take care of payments for hotels, meals, or gifts, then bill your credit card for car repairs or software purchases.
Most sexual affairs are inconsequential to your long-term relationships. Our aim is to provide total peace of mind for you and your family.
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The following articles are being read by me after just having started reading a book titled: The Mommy Myth. Let me tell you, between the government itself and media images and the news - we are being retrained to see being subservient little housewives an mommies as what our lives should be, what we should want them to be. I am appalled to say the least. Over 800 books published in the last twenty years telling us how to be better mothers, that we can't be satisfied without children, that children need to be our number one priority in life, that we should sacrifice ALL to them... I like kids and all, but.... And then the crap that they are feeding men, that they should want someone who they can boss around, someone who will view them as godlike. ::shudders:: No thank you, I don't want a man who needs that. This is all such utter bullshit. I wonder how long it will take us to get past these cultural idiocies - or if women (please NO) decide that it isn't worth the hassle and just go back to the status quo that we've been railing against all this time?? I wonder if we all realize how LONG it is going to take to effectively make changes? Not decades people, generations...

Men Just Want Mommy


A few years ago at a White House Correspondents' dinner, I met a very beautiful actress. Within moments, she blurted out: "I can't believe I'm 46 and not married. Men only want to marry their personal assistants or P.R. women."
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* The article referred to in this article:

December 14, 2004

Glass Ceilings at Altar as Well as Boardroom

Men would rather marry their secretaries than their bosses, and evolution may be to blame, psychology researchers at the University of Michigan reported last week.
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Hmmmn. Now we know why so many people use storage units... (well that and the way CSI had them being used on last night's show.)

Authorities confirm woman's deathbed murder confession
By Jay Lindsay, Associated Press, 11/19/2004 16:36
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The case shows how easily people can be forgotten in a fast-moving society, Coakley said.

''The reality of it is ... people go missing all the time,'' she said. ''We see it. It's not that difficult to make people disappear in a transient society.''


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