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From a review on Rotten Tomatoes that compares Kung Fu Panda with You Don't Mess With The Zohan:

Given caption: "Can't I hang out with the Ninja Turtles instead?"

I am hoping to go see this film later today, it really does look amusing. Please give me a theater where the screaming/noisy kid ratio is LOW TO NIL... please. I am going to soak up some good air-conditioned air and to enjoy a film that got an 86% fresh rating.

(Edit 2: Oh. And of course Adam Sandler's new movie is going to be juvenile... C'mon people, it is what he's known for. A rebuttal comment to the reviewer's bit about You Don't Mess with the Zohan being juvenile.)

And I thought it would amuse [ profile] ginmar, while she awaits her magazine, to see that the L.A. Film School is advertising with Zombies!

In other news: Yesterday was so frikkin HOT! Ended up passing on the CT Trails Day events in anticipation of the heat, and went down to Mystic instead. Hoping to get some sea breezes, which did occur for most of the afternoon, but there was this REALLY FRIKKIN HOT hour or so where I thought I would DIE. Well. Maybe not die, maybe just burst into flames, screaming, while running down the street to get to the water. The little air conditioned shops were like little cool puddles of sparkly goodness. Ate some really good food (thank you CoB, for letting me steal your scallops) at S&P Oyster Club and, after walking around some more to digest in the nice - now cooled - air, got some rockin' ice cream and watched the draw bridge go up. CoB may have already posted some cool images from this. Oh! Look - he did! And. Even though I could've sworn that I'd slathered on enough sun screen, we both got a little burnt around the edges. I got the shoulders, next to my cap sleeves, and the v-neck area pretty good even though now only the shoulders are showing the burn.

(Edit: On the drive home, we saw the most spectacular display of heat lightning. Which, when we were almost home, turned into a terrific rain storm that turned visibility down to almost nil just as I was getting off a tricky exit.

On the drive down, things were just as lively.

Just out of Hartford on Route 2 (known as the two lane highway of death, locally) I smartly avoided some metal pieces and a WHOLE, BLUE WHEELBARROW fall off the back of a truck, setting sparks up on the road like fireworks as it slowly dragged off its momentum. Internal monologue was first: What's that dragging metal noise? Then: Oh shit! *avoiding hitting debris and other cars as we all react to situation*

A little further down the road: Why did the person in front of me just swerve? Oh shit! *swerves around recently killed deer's carcass in the middle of the lane*

Oh. Note the tags. The entertainment part of the post is obviously separate from the discussion of the movie above. Heh.

Off to get ready to meet dear friend S. for brunch. Starting to feel the, somewhat pleasant, buildup of anticipation for work tomorrow.)


May. 28th, 2006 07:32 am
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Follow the link and enjoy all the goodness - some cheesy, some very well done. Props to [ profile] crabbyolbastard for pointing me the way through the Batman Deadend movie, fantastic stuff.
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I was in NYC this weekend. While I was there (on Sunday) I attended a (set of four) photography exhibits. One was called Looking at LIFE, an exhibition featuring over 200 prints arranged in thematic sections that reflect some of LIFE's (the magazine) particular preoccupations. It is located at The International Center of Photography located at 1114 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street. You leave all your bags, etc. at the door and pay $7.00 (non-members) to get in. It is running until November 28th. They have a website with information on the exhibitions. (the only one I didn't see was the one called "Ant Farm.")

In addition to their own prints whose focus appeared to be in the categories of photojournalistic portrayals of: (FYI: there was another exhibition on JFK all on the upper/main floor.) {downstairs:} Urban Poverty, Objectification and "domestication" practices of women, All wars the US has been WWI on, (including unpublished photos that were more heart-wrenching than the glamorized photo-ops we usually got and images from the Holocaust... the furnaces, the emaciated forms of survivors etc.) the horrible treatment of blacks during the civil-rights movement (including national guard with rifles on the buses) the Domination of Space and the Human fertility processes (they had a picture of a fetus developing inside of an experimental artificial womb environment) along with Animal experimentation for medical/science/space purposes, the Idolization of the Stage/Screen/Music Industries, and then... after all of this has been layered into your mind as preparation, there is the "hanging" room - which I call that because there was a hanging partition that only allowed you into the area in one way so you could not anticipate what lay within.

It was a line of photos, one to the next, around the room, with a poster of commentary, of all the prints sent over the internet, taken by non-professionals, with digital cameras, of Abu Gharib. I was flabbergasted, no, that's not the right word... I was overwhelmed, literally. I left the room and was confronted with the last thematic section... I had attempted to block it all in, but the absurdity of what we do to idolize and objectify "famous" people acted like releasing a locke in a canal's floodgate. I found one of my friends that I had come with and I sobbed in her arms, tears streaming down my face. I could barely speak coherently, I stopped trying. Then I stopped, wiped my face with a tissue, and thanked her for "being there for me."

I let her continue looking around (she was looking at the photos in a different order than I had.) Then I turned around. There behind me were the photos of JFK's death, his funeral specifically. (almost seeming to be, but not, a continuation of the exhibition on the floor above.) The last two photos, the second to last the one of JFK's son in his little jacket and hat saluting us the viewer, the last, Jackie descending the church steps with her black veil covering her face... There was a bench (one of the many scattered around the room) right there, I sat and stared at the two photos... trying to come to terms with all of the images I had seen...

(Background: I was in the military, and my experiences with them included the "normal" indoctrination procedures that they use... I was trained as a Military Police Officer. Part of that training included duties and procedures for guarding and running a POW camp. My unit (the first time in Iraq) had been activated and did this. We were trained for the humane treatment of prisoners according to Geneva Convention regulations. )

I was OUTRAGED. I started (when I cornered my sweety and aforementioned friend) spewing out how I took the whole thing personally, on both a moral/ethical/human level and on a PROFESSIONAL level. I knew better. I demanded to know whether or not these people were MP's, whether or not they had any actual TRAINING before they were entrusted with this responsibility or if they were just thrown into it, told to do unspeakable things, and (because once you taste of evil it becomes easier to do it again and you will actually gain a taste for it, conditioned to accept and even relish it - this is how you create monsters) told that they were doing their country a service... How could they swallow it? The lies, the conceit, the barbarity. DISGUST, NAUSEA, RAGE, SADNESS I felt empathy for, and outrage on the behalf of the prisoners. I understood the hate and fear of our enemies, or rather those that will or have become our enemies because of this... the families, the countrymen, the religious community of the victims.

I asked How?! Why?! WTF?!

The themes, they were all connected... We are the barbarians. We are the underprivileged, we are the animals, we are the oppressed, we are the suppressed, we are the idolized and the objectified, we are the killers, we are the dead, we are the subjects of experimentation...


After two days of contemplation, both conscious and unconscious, I have come to a place of semi-tranquil zen state. But, there is hope... All is not lost. If we recognize what we are capable of and consciously become more than our base instincts insist we are. But... we must remember and not fall back and degenerate into the animals we are. I know that my knowledge of the situation does not gaurantee the success of our evolution, however, the fact that it is possible gives me hope. Until there are no more tomorrows, or we are extinct, there will always be hope. Pandora, thank you.

x-posting to feminism community.
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Go Red Sox, go Red Sox!!! YYEESSSSSS! Oh yeah!

Johnny Damon! Grand Slam! whahooooo!

and I've been downloading free music on for the entire game too.

10-3, amazing.

::dances on the way to bed::

I've stayed up WAY past my bed-time.. glad tomorrow I don't have class until 2pm. Whew!
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.... Okay, so there is no "Fluffy" and the poor thing isn't dead either... (Schroedinger would get in on this action I'm sure.)

But if there _were_ a Fluffy, you could now, with the power of "Re-Pets" bring the little critter back! NO, not like that Cujo fiasco... This isn't no mystical mumbo jumbo living dead zombie cat. It's honest to goodness human ingenuity!


It's time to start freezing those hairball messes and hanging onto them like umbilical cords. After all, pets are like FAMILY for most of us.

Cat Fancier sponsored show in NYC, as covered by NY Times...

Read more... )


So, when will our friendly neighborhood best friend to man beast be up for cloning? One only has to wait, it is inevitable. Along with everything else having to do with cloning.

On another note.. not so far from the original. This new step in the cloning process may allow us to once and for all solve the nature vs. nurture debate that has been knocking around for ages. That should be an interesting debate to follow.

The interesting thing.. (Going off on a SCI-FI bent here) is that I can just imagine that Noah's Ark was really a space ship.. maybe a generation ship, maybe an automated type.. or one that is piloted by a small crew that puts itself in cryo. With all this talk of creating genetic banks of animal DNA I can picture a menagerie floating through space, waiting to be birthed upon arrival of the new "homeworld." Okay, it's kinda hokey, but I've always been intrigued by those theories that we come from "out there."


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