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Nov. 8th, 2008 08:10 pm
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Had a bit of a "moment" a few hours ago when, upon arriving home with a brand new CD (Burl Ives, all songs from RTRNR) I found myself overwrought by the fact that the CD/DVD drive on my iBook ATE! the CD and it is now stuck in there. I was so upset, because I realized that I was probably going to have to replace my beloved laptop. It lasted so long I'd thought it was going to be around a lot longer. But, no. It was not to be. The first sign of decay was finding a crack in the frame holding the screen in the upper right corner at least a year ago.

After [livejournal.com profile] crabbyolbastard talked me in from the ledge...

He convinced me that it wasn't worth it to go and spend $900 (minimum) on a new MAC. As a matter of fact, he convinced me that I was more than ready to get myself set up on a sweet Ubuntu system and that he just so happened to have one on a very nicely tarted up wide screen monitor laptop. Yep.

That's what I am writing this post on right now.

Tomorrow, or over the course of this next week, I'm going to have to start transferring stuff over from the old machine. Documents, bookmarks, QIF file and so forth. Yep. There was bound to be a little more drawing out of the pain of saying goodbye to the old friend that got me through so many years of school work.

I don't know how I'm going to recover the darn CD either.
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All hail the mighty and generous CoB! Huzzah!

I now have in my hot little hands... an ASUS EEE PC!

*does a little dance*

Cost: $274.99

Via a free 60 day trial at BJ's that I signed up for. Will end up getting full membership at some point; once we got a good look around and saw how much cheaper we could buy gasoline for... Yeah, foregone conclusion.

I am reading my user guide while charging the battery up for the first time. I am veeery excited about this little giftie. Between the size of a paperback and hardcover novel - it is amazing. I've been thinking about wanting one since CoB's brother showed up with one a while back.

It's sooooo cuuuute!
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You know I got on the wireless and decided to post with the new little machina! I'm getting used to the smaller sized keyboard and different feel to the keys (harder depression force than with the mac).



Jan. 28th, 2005 10:10 pm
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I had my whole system crash/freeze/self-destruct. That's right, my MAC went boom. ::sigh:: It has been a very difficult day, and the weekend is just starting to warm up. I can't find all of my application disks (especially my PALM OS for my Treo 600, and the way my sys crashed I have to re-install from the CD and not from the online site.) Blech.


Anybody know where I can get a copy of the above mentioned CD? ::hopeful look::

Well, I'll probably remain incommunicado for a little while longer. At least I didn't lose everything - I had backups of a lot of things (assorted files) on either the server or external HD.

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Ahhh, it's just like an excerpt from the Ender's Game saga with their "Nets." (I'm not sure if this was extrapolated from bulletin boards or what at the time, and this is why I love science fiction.) Give the article a bit of time to evolve, because at first all they can do is snipe at us. Of course they are going to snipe, we are taking some of their business away from them. On some levels we (the blog world) are direct competition to them and their industry. I have to say, it is about time. Organized news reporting has gone the way of organized religion - it has been corrupted by people investing in it and twisting the purpose of 'fair and balanced' reporting into a self-interested mockery of what it once was. Heh. Blog was the word of 2004, cool. And we are creating a new form of discourse, a self-correcting process... I'm sure there are sociologists out there that are basing new research on us - maybe even some thesis papers coming out of it.

Myths Run Wild in Blog Tsunami Debate

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