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This is for all my dice-rolling gamer friends... Looks through the screen at [ profile] kadath. Got hooked on this new web comic a few days ago. I'm slowly working my way through from the beginning to the present, latest strips. This is the goodness I found today:

And now, go out in the storm for the pizza delivery!


Sep. 19th, 2008 09:19 pm
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Another great sinfest comic strip.

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Sometimes, don't you just wish that you could destroy like Wonderella? When advertising is rough around the edges and you can see the patronizing crap for what it is - the stubborn individualist wants to say STFU! Because it is one thing for a person to be able to compare different items against each other and make an intelligent decision based on our personal preferences and quite another thing for patronizing over-labeled crap to be pushed on us by outside forces.

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found this one at the same time as the other, Dr. McNinja ROCKS! Hahahaha...

In other news, I'm loving watching First Wives Club and am looking forward to that new show that's premiering tomorrow night Starter Wife. Myah shee.
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found this webcomic a few weeks ago... I couldn't help it when I saw that this one had pirates in it I had to post it here.

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Out of the seven I originally applied for, I only got three "you do not fit the bill" emails - those were for the USDA Farm Service Agency Loan Assistant positions. I think they were looking more for people with experience in bank loans as well as finance specific geared majors.

Of the other four, no word yet. This is good, because according to the postings it takes 60-90 days to hear anything back from them if you've made the initial pile to be assessed. Yay. One with NIST, and three with DOC - Bureau of Economic Analysis, although only two (don't know why) show as application completed.

Yesterday I applied for another four jobs listed on USAJOBS, great site. They are all economist positions, so my degrees are perfectly aligned with them. So, those new jobs are listed for th Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Economics and Statistics Administration, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and the Bureau of the Census. Of course, applying for the BLS is kind of like having thirty applications in one - since they are listing so many different locations at the same time. Signed up as amenable to all of them except Los Angeles county. I don't think I could deal with the Hollywood set nor with their climate/environment.

So, that means I have *counting on my fingers* eight applications out in totol. Yay. Otherwise, I'm not really sure of any good places for an economist to start at entry level in the private sector. Forget about the non-profit, I'm sure they all want people with experience. Anybody want to put in their two cents, feel free.

In other news, my Captain Marvel comics FINALLY made it to me... eBay guy had to (supposedly, becuase he has many many - appx 2% - bad reviews about missing in transit, very long shipping time, offering and selling stuff that he doesn't actually have on hand "yet" and another bunch that are either neutral or leaving masked with positive rating negative comments - in fear of retaliatory bad ratings). This will teach me to read through a person's ratings before buying. OTOH, the comics themselves are mar-vell-ous, heh. It is a three part set about Mar-vell just before he and the other Kree head to Earth - when he encounters the Brood. Now I want to read more about him. *sigh*

In other, other news, I got in touch with the local rep (he is the rep for both of the following organizations) for the Uconn Cooperative Extension System and the Tolland County Cultural Center. He is the person to go to to get help for writing a business plan, especially one with an agricultural focus. Has experience with both the academic side and actual business side of writing business plans. Yay. Oh, and if this plan actually pans out as being feasible and all that, I might actually try and attempt doing it. Hell, this is a plant that goes for about $80 - $100 USD/pound, and there are only three growers in the United States, one in Canada. No, I am not ready to reveal the product yet, tyvm. ;-D


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